PMHS Students Present Projects for Seal of Civic Readiness

On June 16, students in Marc Sirico’s AP U.S. Government class presented their Civic Action Projects that were completed as part of the Seal of Civic Readiness program. The Seal of Civic Readiness is a New York State Education Department initiative that provides formal recognition on participating students’ high school diploma that they have attained a high level of proficiency in terms of civic knowledge, skills, mindset, and experiences.

Student’s projects focus on a specific issue, and they earn points based on how they analyze sources, determine the issue’s impact on communities, evaluate public policies, recommend and/or evaluate solutions/strategies, communicate their findings, and explain how the project influenced their civic knowledge.

Examples of topics that students focused on include:

Creating more mental health resources in schools

Advocating for gun safety legislation

Shifting to renewable energy

Increasing contraception awareness

Curbing use of fentanyl and other drugs

The Seal of Civic Readiness project was piloted by the AP U.S. Government class this year and will be open to all PMHS students in the 2024-25 school year.

Congratulations goes to the students on completing these important projects.