Annual Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to Siwanoy 5th Grader Macpherson Alderman, 8th Grader Anand Palshikar and Prospect Hill 4th Grader Drew Rosado for placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Pelham Public Schools annual spelling bee on January 11, 2024! Macpherson and Anand now advance to compete in the Regional Scripps Written Bee during the week of February 5. 

The District Spelling Bee, held in the Pelham Middle School Library, brought together the top three spellers from school-wide bees held at Colonial, Hutchinson, Prospect Hill, Siwanoy and Pelham Middle School. This year’s bee went an incredible 37 rounds – surpassing the 450 word study list that the students were provided with prior to the competition. 

Students conquered words such as “dendrochronology” and “senescent” before Macpherson correctly spelled “consumerism” to take home the top prize, advancing to the Regional Written Bee for the second straight year. 

We would also like to congratulate the following school-wide spelling bee winners, who competed in the District bee:

Allison Charrier, Gr. 3
Lilah Schwartz, Gr. 3
Eva Shaw, Gr. 5

LJ Casenas, Gr. 5
Armaan Verma, Gr. 5
Vivian Maiberger, Gr. 4

Prospect Hill
Drew Rosado, Gr. 4
Olivia Shkoza, Gr. 5
Emma Cronin, Gr. 4

Macpherson Alderman, Gr. 5
Liam Cepler, Gr. 5
Lucy Gould, Gr. 5

Pelham Middle School
Katie Howard, Gr. 8
Anand Palshikar, Gr. 8
Malia Otondi, Gr. 8

We would also like to thank the following spelling bee coaches and contest officials, as well as the Pelham PTAs for supporting the spelling bee!


Mr. William Chimento, Pelham Middle School

Ms. Nancy Montano, Hutchinson School

Ms. Gabby Sokol, Prospect Hill School

Ms. Amanda Sozio and Mrs. Brittney Motta, Siwanoy School

Ms. Alaura Stivala and Ms. Angela Monteleone, Colonial School


Mr. Neil Schleifer, PMHS English Teacher


Ms. Lynn Sabia, Pelham Middle School Principal

Ms. Shana Goldstein, English Teacher

Ms. Sara Pinsker, English Teacher

Ms. Mariana Cordero, PMHS English/Special Education Teacher