Endorsement Statement

In this November’s election, I endorse Dan McLaughlin, Sr., Clive Anderson, John DeChiaro, Antoinette Clemente and John Hynes. 

I’ve been a resident of Pelham for 51 years. My family, including four children and thirteen grandchildren, has benefited from Pelham’s education system. I’ve served on the Pelham Board of Education for six years, including two years as president, and spent 16 years in Town Government, with 14 years as supervisor. My extensive experience has given me insights into what makes an effective elected official for Pelham. 

I’ve observed Dan, John, Antoinette, and John as dedicated public servants and neighbors over the years. Their unwavering commitment to Pelham has made a lasting impression. They are hardworking and devoted individuals. 

In contrast to the others, Clive is relatively new to our community. But he has already demonstrated his dedication by serving on various community boards. What truly sets him apart is his profession as the owner of the Pelham Funeral Home and his role as a funeral director. He exemplifies caring, respect, and compassion, helping people navigate the most challenging times in their lives.

John Hynes is running for Westchester County Legislator, which may mark the first time Pelham has county legislative representation. With a career spanning nearly three decades in the Pelham Police force, including a promotion to detective in 2002, he also dedicated himself to serving the community as a youth and DARE officer, as a PTA president, and he is actively engaged in the Danny Fund. He currently holds the role of Associate Director of Campus Safety at Iona University. In contrast, while I have met his opponent (who seems like a very nice person) she remains relatively unknown to most of us. We need real representation at the County level.

The Pelham Town Leadership Committee which I chair ( also endorses these terrific candidates. This committee identifies candidates who, regardless of their national party affiliation – whether Democrat, Republican or independent, understand what needs to be done at a local level to ensure that Pelham remains an amazing place to live. As I hope you agree, in these divisive times such thoughtful perspectives are crucial. 

I urge you to join the Pelham Town Leadership Committee and me in voting for these exceptional individuals. Together, we can enhance our local community, making Pelham an even better place to live.


Joseph Solimine Sr.