James Lauria, Recipient of the John L. Marshall Award; Nick Florio Hired As New Town Clerk; Halloween Parade on October 28

By Joyce Farrell

At their October meeting on October 2, the Town Council approved Local Law #2 of 2023, overriding the tax cap that was established by Municipal Law 3 (c). 

According to the Fly-car Stats Deputy Supervisor Rae Szymanski received from Empress Ambulance, there were forty-five mutual aid calls in Pelham, forty in Pelham Manor, one on I-95, and two on the Hutchinson River Parkway. The average response for the BLS (Basic Life Support) vehicle backing up the fly-car was ten minutes and ten seconds. The fly-car arrived 88% of the time in seven minutes and under and 96% of the time in eight minutes and under.

According to Councilwoman McLoughlin in her Recreation Department Report, there were thirty-five senior trips to medical appointments and a trip to for the seniors to Arthur Avenue. Also, after-school sports and other activities are in full swing and very well attended, winter basketball registration will open at the end of October, and the Halloween Parade will be on Saturday, October 28, at 4 p.m.

She also announced that the recipient of the John L. Marshall Award, given annually to a community member who, through volunteering, contributes significantly to the recreation department and the youth of the community, is James Lauria, a retired Pelham police sergeant and the son-in-law of Dr. Marshall. 

Councilwoman McLoughlin reported that the AED Machines (Automated External Defibrillators) have arrived and will be set at Ingalls, Franklin, and Prospect Fields. Pictures and descriptions will be put on the website, and all coaches will be made aware of the devices’ locations.

The recreation department is working with the public schools regarding parking at Glover Field, which has been difficult, especially during weekends. There will be new “No Parking” areas and police will be ticketing people parking on the grass. There is parking available above Friendship Field accessible from Imperia Drive, and Pelham Manor police will be monitoring that. Additionally, there is parking in an uncovered lot that is adjacent to the Target parking area.

Councilwoman Burke gave the Legal Committee report and announced that as of October 10, there is a new court clerk, Nick Florio, a long-time Pelham resident. She then reported that, according to the September Receiver of Taxes Report, the total taxes received was $27,437.639.20; most of this, $27,196,231.65, was from school taxes. For a complete accounting, visit

Councilwoman Curtin gave the Library Report. Novel Night, a huge fundraising effort by Friends of the Town of Pelham Public Library,  was a great success. Over 500 people attended, and there were dozens of theme parties. K-Day was held on September 23, and the rainy weather necessitated the moving of the petting zoo to inside the library! There were 134 new library cards issued, with over 400 children visiting between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Councilman Curtin concluded her report by announcing upcoming events, including Demystifying Medicare on October 12, Defensive Driving on October 14, and Intro to Babysitting for those who are 11 and up. For more information and to register for the Defensive Driving course, call the library at 914-738-1234.

Supervisor O’Laughlin reported that the Toonerville Music Festival, though on a rainy day, was fun. Also, he, as well as the Town Controller, Samantha Losurdo, and Ruthann DeSimone, Supervisor McLaughlin’s Administrative Assistant, met with the accountants on September 20, who were happy with the town’s progress over the past three years; the financial statements will be available on the town’s website. 

Supervisor O’Laughlin and Deputy Supervisor Rae Szymanski had an ambulance meeting on September 28, which included fire and police department representatives, to discuss the contract drawn up by the town’s attorney, Thomas Kleinberger, whose work on the contract was highly praised by Supervisor McLaughlin. Additionally, Councilwoman Curtin, Ms. DeSimone, and Supervisor McLaughlin had a meeting about the grant for the Daronco Townhouse and will be submitting the changes the town wants to make to the Historic Preservation representatives to make sure that their plans will be permitted. Also, Supervisor McLaughlin finished working on the grant for the ambulance and sent it immediately to the senator’s and assemblywoman’s offices as there is an ambulance that is now available for the town to purchase. Finally, Supervisor McLaughlin and two council members attended the WMOA (Westchester Municipal Officials Association) dinner at The Modern in New Rochelle. Innovative housing topics were discussed.