Oath of Office, Employee Recognition and Property Maintenance Discussed

By Joyce Farrell

At the Board of Trustee’s meeting on Monday, August 14, the Pelham Manor Board of Trustees welcomed Daniel Higgins as a Firefigther, Mayor Jennifer Lapey was honored to administer the oath of office. Firefighter Daniel Higgins was raised by a family of civil servants and carried on a family legacy of military service. He enlisted in the New York Army National Guard upon turning eighteen years of age, making himself the fourth generation in his family to serve our country. Firefighter Higgins served on the front-line through the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq, where he obtained the rank of Sergeant. Throughout his service in the armed forces he remained dedicated to his education. Most recently, Firefighter Higgins completed his Bachelors of Science in Interactive Media and Game Design with SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Firefighter Higgins is excited to begin his next chapter with the Pelham Manor Fire Department. Congratulations to Firefighter Daniel Higgins!

Also at the Board of Trustees meeting, the Board of Trustees recognized Michael DiBenedetto, who was promoted to DPW Working Foreman earlier this year. Mr. DiBenedetto joined the Village in 2016 and has continuously served our Village with distinction. He is a very skilled equipment operator and provides great leadership for the department. His familiarity with our community is first-hand as he grew up in Pelham and graduated from Pelham Memorial High School. He is also from a family of dedicated civil servants and maintains a positive civic mindset throughout his daily service to our community. We appreciate his perseverance and grit when carrying out DPW tasks. 

It is a beautiful time of year to walk the Village and see everyone’s residential landscaping. However, we would like to take a moment to remind homeowners of their duty to make sure their property is maintained in a manner that does not impede with pedestrians using the sidewalks! This is especially important as we near school being back in session and children are walking to school. We are proud to have such a walkable community and ask everyone does their part to make sure walking paths are clear.