Energy Benchmarking for Municipal Buildings

By Joyce Farrell

The Town of Pelham Board meeting took place on August 14. The only new business on the agenda was a resolution, which was passed, that establishes the energy benchmarking requirements for certain municipal buildings, those owned or occupied by the Town of Pelham that are 1,000 square feet or larger. Energy benchmarking, the process of measuring a building’s energy use, tracking that use over time, and comparing performance to similar buildings, will be achieved by using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, the internet-based tool developed and maintained by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to track and assess the relative energy performance of buildings nationwide. The information collected will help identify opportunities to cut costs and reduce pollution in Pelham.

Before the new business was addressed, the Committee Reports for the month of July were given. According to the Fly Car Report, the average response time for the Empress ambulance units that back up the fly car was eight minutes and fifty-one seconds. Eight-two percent of the time, the fly car got to the scene in seven minutes and under; sixty-five percent of the time, it arrived in six minutes or less. During July, 29 of the total calls were mutual aid; nearby municipalities’ ambulances responded to the emergency, validating the need for change to be specific in contract negotiations with Eastchester. 

Per the Recreation/Seniors Committee Report, the seniors were very active in July, evidenced by the 54 round trips in the senior van to appointments. A lot is scheduled for the fall and winter as well.

The Legal Committee Report stated that the Court is continuing its search for a Court Clerk. 

Lastly, the Library Committee Report announced that 255 children participated in the summer reading program, which ended with a visit from Pelicone’s ice cream truck. Additionally, Saturday, September 16, is K Day. Parents are encouraged to bring their incoming kindergarteners to the library to register for their library card, and for the first time, there will be a petting zoo at the event. In addition, Friends of the Pelham Public Library reported that Novel Night has sold out with 900 tickets sold within 19 minutes.