Police Blotter


April 24, 2024 – Suspicious Person

While conducting a patrol, a police officer observed a Black male wearing a camouflage jacket standing with his eyes closed near the northeast corner of Sixth Street and Fifth Avenue. The officer continued to observe the party who then stopped for a prolonged time on the public sidewalk opposite an address on Sixth Street. The officer advised another police officer who observed the same party stop on the southwest corner of Fourth Avenue and Sixth Street. The first police officer then observed the suspicious person stop again for a prolonged time with his eyes closed, this time near the driveway of the Sixth Street entrance to Julianne’s Playground. The two police officers approached the man who identified himself and stated that he and been drinking, which he why he continuously stopped. He refused to provide any further identifying information, refused further assistance, and was sent on his way.


April 23, 2024 – Personal Welfare

On the above date, a Pelham reported a possibly disoriented male in the area of Julianne’s Playground. He was described as a white male in his later 60s to early 70s, wearing a black tracksuit with white stripes down the jacket and pants. The complainant stated that he had walked into the playground but had not been fully aware of where he was. When the complainant asked him if he was okay, he just stared at her, walked away, and went southbound on Fourth Avenue. The police were dispatched, were able to identify the male, reported that all was in order, and sent him on his way.


April 23, 2024 – Fraud

A woman reported that she had logged into her Fifth Avenue business’s bank account and noticed several charges that neither she nor her husband had made. She contacted Chase Bank about the charges, closed out the account, and created a new one. She stated that she had not received any strange emails or phone calls, and they were not missing any cards. She did not know how an unknown party had accessed the account. She provided a printout of the charge descriptions, which were three separate charges, two for slightly over $3,000 and one for almost $2,000, totaling just over $8,000. The complainant did not recognize the purchaser’s name, and there was no other information about what was purchased. The complainant had already made a claim to Chase Bank regarding the fraudulent charges and wanted the incident documented. A police detective has been notified.


April 22, 2024 – Aided Case

The police responded to an incident involving an injury from a fall. A man’s neighbor who was exiting his home heard the victim yelling. The victim stated that he had been in his front yard and had lost his footing, which caused him to fall and injure his right leg. He had been lying there for about one hour before the neighbor heard his yelling. Pelham EMS transported him to Lawrence Hospital for further evaluation and treatment.