Candidate Statement: Maurice Owen-Michaane

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

I’m honored to announce my candidacy for re-election as your Pelham Manor Trustee. Over the past four years, I’ve served as your Trustee with dedication, guided by the values instilled in me as an Eagle Scout and as a parent of five. As we look ahead, there is still much important work to be done, work that demands the dedication and experience I am proud to offer.

Local experience matters. Through my Village service, I have helped maintain a fiscally responsible government without compromising on the quality of Village services you have come to expect, including responsive Police, Fire, and DPW. Our prudent financial management has allowed us to provide top-tier services such as twice-weekly trash pickup, while keeping taxes low and maintaining robust reserves.

If you’re like me, you care about your tax bill. I will continue to be fiscally responsible. In the past four years I have worked to:

Maintain 100% compliance with NYS Tax Cap (since program’s inception)

Ensure debt free status with strong reserves per NYS recommendation

Fund infrastructure without borrowing or bonding

Continue to earn impressive Fiscal Stress Score from NYS Comptroller (especially as compared to similar situated municipalities)

Here’s why fiscal prudence is crucial: Throughout the pandemic, Pelham Manor not only upheld, but enhanced its services. Unlike many municipalities across the state, we never once cut or reduced services.

As your Trustee, I’ve worked to spearhead significant infrastructure improvements, boosting our capacity and enhancing the resiliency of our stormwater system. Importantly, Pelham Manor completed an industry leading village-wide drainage infrastructure assessment in June 2023.

While working on long-term strategic initiatives, we also fast-tracked several interim mitigation projects in acute areas, including:

Peace & Townsend

Highbrook & Heywood

Iden/Carol/Wolfs Area

Monroe & Grant

Roosevelt, Bolton & Mt. Tom Area

We also continue to work with our State and Federal partners on opportunities to secure funding outside of property tax revenue, such as grants and state aid. Pelham Manor performs an annual deep cleaning of each stormwater catch basin. We also clean and televise 20% of our sanitary sewer system on an annual basis (100% cleaning achieved in each 5 year cycle).

Healthy reserves enable swift municipal action when critical issues arise. For example, following a resident’s outreach in 2023, I worked proactively with the Village Manager and outside engineers to address a pipe issue at Peace and Townsend. The Village promptly installed a larger catch basin and extended an underground pipe, ensuring a long-term solution, without delays or external financing.

Finally, Village Services like Police, Fire, and Sanitation are important to our residents. I am committed to maintaining and improving the high level of services you expect for your tax dollars. With the Village Board I have:

Maintained twice-weekly garbage pickup while others reduced services

Installed new crosswalk on Esplanade/Boston Post Rd with grant funding

Worked to secure State Legislation for red-light camera at Boston Post Road/Pelhamdale

Repaved Boston Post Road in 2023 with 100% state funding

Extended crossing guard hours at Boston Post Road/Four Corners

Installed new stop signs at Monroe/Clay/Hunter/Oak intersections

When you elected me as your Trustee in 2020, I promised to work hard to serve you and the Village of Pelham Manor. Since then, I have been honored to respond to your outreach and inquiries. I am here to serve and have earned a reputation for being accessible and responsive to concerns.

Thank you for your ongoing support. My running mate, Trustee Breda Bennett, and I, will continue to leverage our experience to tackle important issues for all of us. Your vote on March 19th for Breda and Maurice ensures experienced leadership for Pelham Manor’s continued success. Experience does matter, as your essential Village services rely on it. Let’s keep the focus local and continue working as one for a brighter, more sustainable future. I ask for your support and Vote on March 19th for Village Trustee.

Thank you for your kind consideration, 

Maurice Owen-Michaane

Trustee & DPW Commissioner – Pelham Manor