Candidate Statement: Mark Cardwell

I am honored to be a candidate for the Village of Pelham Manor Board of Trustees with Kate Pringle. 

I love our village, and I’m running because my experience qualifies me to help keep our community safe.

I have lived in the Manor with my wife Margaret and sons Jack and Sam for over 13 years. I have dived into roles in our community where I make a difference, volunteering as a firefighter in Pelham Manor and as an EMT with Mamaroneck EMS, serving on the frontlines throughout the height of the pandemic. I have also served as a Scout leader in Pelham Troop 1 and as a food rescue volunteer with County Harvest.  

I am running for the Board to continue my work to improve public safety in our community, ensuring that everyone in the Manor is safe in their homes. I’ve been proud to play a part in bringing an ambulance to Pelham. But much more needs to be done to improve the safety of our families – from better pedestrian crossings to improved allocation of resources to ensure everyone is safe. And my EMS, fire, and law enforcement experience makes me uniquely qualified to ensure we have a safe village. When you call 911, you should get the help you need.

I will also focus on the increasing threat to our safety in our homes and streets as we confront the growing storms and flooding in our community.  The Manor fire department was forced to rescue drivers from their cars this past September, and this must not happen again. We must take real action to protect our families, maintain property values, and help our village flourish.  

And finally, I’ll work to stop the growth in village spending, ensuring that we get the best possible value for our tax dollars. Our village budget has ballooned to more than $18 million annually, an increase of $4 million in just the past eight years.

Meeting this defining moment will require a different approach to leadership–more listening, collaboration, and fiscal transparency:

Listening – to understand and leverage our community

Listening, and hearing, is a skill. I’m committed to respectfully listening to everyone more and talking less.

Collaboration – to reduce taxes and meet our challenges

I’ll collaborate closely with Manor colleagues and staff, our sister village, our Town, our neighbors, and our county and state elected officials to ensure our voices are heard. Our village faces lawsuits and flooding work that will cost many millions – this issue requires skilled governance. 

Transparency – for financial accountability

I will also leverage my professional experience to ensure our village is more transparent and pledge to stop the growth of the $8 million sitting in village coffers.

To keep our families safe, homes dry, and taxes manageable, we must urgently work together to find solutions to our challenges while maintaining the unique character of the Manor.

With our clear record of commitment to the village, Kate and I are uniquely positioned to lead the Manor through these times. 

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Mark Cardwell