Candidate Statement: Kate Pringle

I am honored to seek your support for election, together with Mark Cardwell, to the Pelham Manor Board of Trustees. 

As an attorney, I have spent years advising major corporations on how to reduce risks, strengthen governance, implement best practices, and craft consensus. I have been able to use this experience in service on the boards of Huguenot Memorial Church and the Pelham Art Center, on Personnel Committees, and on the School District Advocacy Committee. I was also Board Chair of Bread for the World, a national, bi-partisan advocacy and policy organization working to prevent hunger.

I have worked with many of you on projects that bring our community together in generosity. I help run the annual Huguenot Charity Christmas Tree Sale. I ran the Huguenot Hoops kids’ basketball program, have hosted Novel Night dinners, and join in regular food collections. 

My husband, John McCormick, and I feel so fortunate to have raised our family here.  Pelham Manor has supported us and instilled in our children a sense of community, responsibility, and pride. 

I am excited to apply my experience in service of the community I love. As Trustee, I will focus on the following:  

Flooding:  Now is the time to solve our flooding problems. We need peer review of the existing study and a real plan to fix our problems. I will work with our elected officials to secure available funding. And I will plan for the future needs of our shoreline, parks, and infrastructure, to preserve our community and enhance our quality of life.  

Budgeting:  Our taxes are high and a significant burden. We can save money, while improving services, by coordinating with neighboring jurisdictions, modernizing our elections, and upgrading our practices. I will invite public review of every line of our budget and work to employ or reduce our oversized reserve. 

Safety and Walkability:  Years ago my son was hit by a car as he walked home from school – he was ok, but I will never forget how close our family came to tragedy.  I will work to address aggressive driving, and ensure pedestrian and rider safety. 

Management:  With our new Police Chief, Fire Chief, and Village Administrator, we have an opportunity to move beyond past scandals and expensive lawsuits. We need to instill best practices to ensure that our employees and officers are strongly supported and deliver the highest professional services. I have worked on personnel issues for years, and I am eager to apply that expertise as a Trustee. 

Vibrancy:  Let’s engage our community in dreaming bigger. We can make our parks more vibrant, preserve our history and architecture, attract exciting businesses, improve recreational spaces, and enhance stewardship of our air and water. We can do more to ensure that every member of our community is included and supported. Let’s work together and achieve more for our community! 

Please contact me at, I am interested in your ideas for our community.   

I hope I can earn your vote. 

Kate Pringle