Candidate Statement: Clive Anderson

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is with great excitement and a profound sense of responsibility that I announce my candidacy for Pelham Town Council.

I deeply care about the welfare and safety of our entire community. I bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, proven leadership, and an unwavering work ethic to the table. If elected, I promise to approach all ideas with respect and collaboration, all within the existing tax framework. I welcome your input and ideas. Here are some of mine:

• Audit Real Estate Assets: There are Town owned real estate assets that will shortly become available to the Community. To ensure the maximum number of citizens benefit from the existing space we need to closely review and balance competing needs before we make any new real estate investments.

• Review Contracts: In light of concerns around the availability of ambulances and their response times under the Town’s current contract, I believe all Town contracts should undergo an annual review, not just renewals, to ensure they align with evolving Town needs.

• Support Local Businesses: I commit to supporting and respecting all local businesses and their owners in all interactions and communications platforms.

• Expand Support for Seniors: A significant portion of our community comprises seniors. I propose exploring opportunities, within our tax cap framework, to create safe, nurturing environments that foster companionship and learning, enriching our community fabric. Reimagining spaces for senior use, with senior- friendly amenities, is a direction worth exploring.

• Enhance Youth Recreation: Ensure community needs are being met in an equitable and fair manner. We should explore and leverage existing opportunities to coordinate with the School Board to utilize available school space throughout our community during after school hours. This optimizes the use of our existing assets and mitigates the need for investing in new assets.

Over the past nine years, I’ve had the honor of building connections with many of you through my local business, volunteer efforts, and social interactions. During this time, I’ve gained a profound understanding of the essential roles these aspects play in our Town’s vibrant life. Moving to Pelham has been a stroke of luck, as I’ve become a member of a community that genuinely treasures its friendships and neighborly spirit.

The Town of Pelham often reminds me of the charm I experienced in County Cork, Ireland, where I was born and raised. Values such as faith, family, and aiding others were instilled in me by my parents from an early age. These are virtues that have continued to guide me and my three younger siblings throughout life’s journey. And so, as a young student, I devoted my time to volunteering at the homeless shelter for the Cork Simon Community and later co-founded the St. Vincent De Paul Society at my high school.

When I was just 15, my father’s passing prompted my stay-at-home mother to take over his insurance business to support our family. I stepped up to take on household responsibilities while caring for my siblings. While challenging, this experience brought us closer together, imparting valuable life lessons that I hold dear. Experiencing the compassion of a caring community during this difficult period ignited a passion within me. This eventually led me to pursue studies in America and, ultimately, ownership of Pelham’s Funeral Home. It’s here that I aspire to provide the same comfort and support that touched me during my own trying times.

At the age of 20, I ventured to Boston to embark on a career in funeral service. Juggling three jobs during my Mortuary Science studies was a necessity, as there was no financial aid available for international students. After three years of hard work, I earned my degree and professional license. Armed with this education and experience gained from working at local funeral homes, I co-founded a funeral supply startup. The venture eventually brought me to New York. In 2014, the realization of a dream occurred when I purchased the Pelham Funeral Home, which, for many years, has been an important part of the fabric of our community. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 disrupted lives globally. This period presented me, as a business leader, with unprecedented challenges in adapting to the operational complexities my industry faced. Despite lockdowns, supply shortages, and restrictions, my team and I were committed to providing compassionate services while maintaining dignity for every family we served. This experience highlighted the importance of the Pelham Funeral Home to our community and underscored the notion that excellence and empathy can thrive outside of “business as usual.”

Since moving to Pelham, I have become heavily involved in local and regional not-for- profits. I currently sit on the Board of Directors for the Pelham Danny Fund and am a member and former Board Member of the Pelham Civics, where I currently serve on the Scholarship Committee. Among other organizations, I support the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust (which assists families in returning their loved ones home when they pass away while traveling), and The Aisling Center (a social services organization providing support to the Bronx and Yonkers community with meals, mental health, and general support for the homeless, seniors, and youth). In 2017, The Aisling Center honored me as Man of the Year for my service to the community they serve. I am also a proud member of the Pelham Chamber of Commerce, a Pelham Library Novel Night supporter and past host, and NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2021 Aide to the Grand Marshal. I know each of you have a unique and equal voice. When you enter the privacy of the voting booth, where you will express your right to voice your selection, I respectfully request that you consider voting for me so I can show you my dedication to a collaborative and productive work process for the Town of Pelham.

With gratitude and enthusiasm, 

Clive Anderson


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