Irrix Screen

New Gallery on Wolfs Lane Brings Creativity and One-of-a-Kind Pieces to Downtown Pelham

It’s interesting to ponder why thought-provoking art can sometimes be met with fear. 

It’s possible that the perspectives presented in such works can feel unfamiliar or uncomfortable. 

However, there is something truly unique about Irrix Screen’s creations. They have a way of enveloping one’s mind with an intriguing enigma that opens doors we might otherwise keep shut. 

Despite any initial discomfort, Irrix Screen’s art ultimately radiates positive energy and encourages the viewer to explore the brilliant light shining within themselves. 

Experience this master artist ahead of his time, paving the way for a new era of thought-provoking and inspiring art.

Visit White Sky Gallery, located at One Wolfs Lane, Suite 307. Call 914-400-6258 and learn more about Irrix Screen and his collector’s pieces at