Pelham Civic Association Preparing for Annual Community Awards Applications Due April 15

Founded in 1939, The Pelham Civic Association, one of Westchester County’s most active volunteer, charitable organizations – dedicated to assisting the youth/students, elderly, mentally & physically challenged and financially needy – will present seven Pelham Civic Community Awards totaling $28,000 to exemplary Pelham students on June 4. Applications are due to the Pelham Civics by April 15th.

According to Pelham Civic Community Awards Chairman Darrell Walsh, “These awards recognize students who are committed to excel academically, and also, who have chosen to invest their time and talent in causes that enhance the lives of our community.”

The awards and their namesakes are as follows:

Vincent Lopardi Community Service Award is presented to a graduating high school senior residing in Pelham, and who best exemplifies outstanding civic pride and community spirit. Recipient will demonstrate active participation in facing community real life problems and issues by offering his or her skills to the needs of the community.

Camillo D’Urso Charitable Support Award is presented to either a high school, college or graduate student who resides in Pelham, and who best exemplifies leadership and support in charitable work. Recipient will demonstrate generous actions, donation of time, money, service or help to persons less fortunate or organizations that provide for those in need.

Joseph L. Nunziata Award for Creativity and Service is presented to a graduating high school senior residing in Pelham who best represents her or his outstanding creative talents for the benefit of others. This may include creative disciplines such as writing, art, graphic design, photography, and creative and strategic concepts that enhance the lives of others.

Hilda Monaghan Porter , RN, PHD, FNB-BC Support Award is presented to a graduating high school senior residing in Pelham who desires to apply their talents to the study of disciplines within health and sciences.  This may include medical care, nursing, medicine or dental studies wherein they would benefit others and give back to their community in the future.

Anthony Senerchia Memorial Service Award is presented to a graduating high school senior residing in Pelham who demonstrates strong community service by giving back to the community. Such actions would be best represented by helping the next generation of students reach their full potential whether through teaching/assisting younger students with after school programs, activities, or studies. 

Hon. Richard J. Daronco Civic Leadership Award provides expense reimbursement to high school students who serve as Pelham representatives to the Model Congress of Model United Nations Program in Washington DC.

Philip J. Colicchio Leadership Award is presented each year to the incoming Pelham Memorial High School President of the Student Association, allows for the recipient to attend a leadership conference of their choice.

Since its launch in 1988, the Pelham Civics Community Awards Program has endorsed these students who have made significant contributions in volunteer time, actions, talents and dedication. All applications must be submitted by April 15. 

You can complete the application at 

For more information contact Pelham Civics Program Chairman Darrell Walsh 914-522-4710;