Dr. Anne DuVal Frost

Project Community Founder Receives Distinguished Alumni Award

The University of Virginia School of Nursing has noticed a few things about Dr. Anne Frost that Pelham has known for more than three decades: that she has been one of the most visionary, hard-working humanitarians who has had an enormous impact on generations of individuals and families throughout Pelham and beyond. It was no wonder they selected her as the recipient of their most prestigious award: The Distinguished Alumni Award. This award is presented to: “an alumna or alumnus who has made and outstanding contribution to the field of nursing in clinical nursing practice, teaching, research, and leadership.”

As stated in their presentation: “A true leader and visionary humanitarian – Dr. Anne DuVal Frost has had an exemplary career applying her expertise and commitment to advancing innovative healthcare initiatives locally and nationally. These initiatives continue to advance the well-being of thousands of children, teenagers, and families.”

Dr. Frost received her Bachelor of Science (BSN) from the University of Virginia and her M.A. and Ph.D. in nursing from New York University. Over the course of her career she has held leadership positions in acute care and for thirty years as a professor in nursing education. Dr. Frost was selected for three terms as “Distinguished Speaker” for the International Nursing Honor Society, Sigma Theta Tau. She provided over 30 presentations nationally and internationally. Many of these presentations focused on improving Nursing Image and “Media Mnemonics.”

Pelham has been very fortunate to have experienced Dr. Frost’s remarkable commitment first hand, beginning with her creation of Nurses Network of Pelham and evolving to the current leading, successful organization: Project Community. Through her vision, leadership, and tireless efforts, Project Community successfully brings together an exemplary model of nurses working in conjunction with the talent of community leaders in healthcare, business, education, and volunteerism. This community-based knowledge and programs have inspired and encouraged the countless children and families who have benefitted from this initiative. The programs are unique, relevant and effective.

as they weave teenage students through life’s challenges, providing coping mechanisms that save lives. They deal head on with Binge Drinking, Sexual Assault, Anxiety and Self Awareness. The other significant programs – Project C.H.I.L.D.D (Community Help In Learning about Developmental Disabilities) and YOU&ME are specifically designed for children, teens and young adults with special needs.

While serving as president of Project Community, Dr. Frost also operates a successful private practice in child/adolescent and adult psychotherapy.

We are so very proud of a true Pelhamite and neighbor who continues to enhance the lives of many throughout our community… and beyond.