Pelham’s Got Talent brought to you
by Pelham SEPTA was another Success

Pelham SEPTA’s adopted hashtag, #inclusionmatters brought the show held recently to life with its double meaning. Participants with both learning differences and without, included children from PreK4 to high school. It was truly a night of celebration, collaboration, support and pride.


To begin, Evan Donohoe led everyone in the pledge of allegiance.


Deck the runway — The fashion segment debuted the kids, first in outerwear, then in their Holiday best.  Middle schoolers Gianna Otero and Isabella Colón strut their stuff down the runway wearing stunning outfits. The younger students look up to them with pride. Elementary models Jack Cohen and Ronan Whalen donned outerwear and had the crowd on their feet with their moves down the catwalk. Not to be outdone, Jared Otero sported his holiday best, wearing a white blazer with red and green Christmas trees, black shirt and pants. 


Deck the stage – Laila Sakhrani, a complete natural, hosted the Festival of Stage Lights Talent segment. PreK singers showed off their amazing talent with crystal clear notes, while the elementary dancers performed with big personalities and the little ones held their own with big voices. Jack Cohen kicked off the segment with his terrific dance. Alexandro and Bruno Colon sang wonderful and heartfelt Christmas songs. Aiden Sakhrani danced to “Smooth Criminal” and the audience agreed, the next MJ? Millie Walters sang, “When the Party is Over,” by Billie Ellish. Exceptional World of Dance Group did a Christmas medley mash up. 


Deck the halls – Amazing artwork from student artists were displayed along a hallway and viewers were asked to write as many kind notes to the artists so they could keep the notes after the event. High school student, Tobias Frei contributed a remarkable collection of original work. 


Pelham SEPTA Co-President Stephanie Otero led the SWAG Initiative. This led to other high school merch pushers to fearlessly come out wearing the new Pelham SEPTA swag.


Favorite things, Final bow out – The Pelham’s Got Talent Finale was an audience favorite as the group sang and danced to “My Favorite Things,” the Pentatonix version. The performers had such a wonderful time, they didn’t want to exit the stage. 


Parent Kathryn Cohen, volunteer at the event, handed out beautiful long-stemmed red roses to all the children who gave their all to make the evening unforgettable.

Final Words – Both families and children had a great deal of fun. Elementary student Jack Cohen shared his experience working with the children prior to the big night, a very touching testimony. Other family members shared their joy in seeing their child(ren) doing things they never did before and doing them well.


Attendees were surprised and elated when Pelham SEPTA Co-President Joanne Colón shared the group singers only rehearsed 3 times. 


Special thanks goes to the District, Mr. Berkowitz for providing the venue and the PTA units for spreading the word. Thanks also goes to Jackie DeAngelis and Will Treves for representing the Board and showing support for #inclusionmatters. Extra thanks to PPS Lauren Ribiero and Greg Lau for joining in the fun-filled evening.


SAVE THE DATE: Pelham SEPTA, Pelham’s Got Talent Event Spring Edition is coming in May 2023.


Finally, a big thank you and gratitude goes out to all the families and the Pelham SEPTA Executive Board, without them and their children, there would not have been such a successful show.