What Will Your Teen Do This Summer?

By Pelham Together


This very popular program provides a paid internship for a Pelham teen (incoming 9th – 12th grades) with a local, or locally-connected business or organization for three weeks, beginning at the end of July.  Teens complete an application and interview, and those who are hired are matched with a mentoring organization based on ranked choices.  We begin with a 3-day leadership training focused on communication skills during which interns meet with an elected political leader and participate in a Meet and Greet workshop with all mentors. More information, including dates, application, and a list of mentors from last summer are available at https://pelhamtogether.org/summer-internship.


One of our student interns from 2021 summarized his experience to share with his peers: “Pelham Together’s Internship program was one of the first big responsibilities that I held in my hands as a young teen, and without the experience I wouldn’t be as prepared for the real world as I am today. This internship taught me many powerful lessons, such as how to integrate teamwork skills in a work environment, how to stay on task and be responsible, and many more lessons that I still use. To anybody who is thinking of being a part of this program, I 100% recommend it! This is something that can prepare you for your future.”