Project Happiness Brought Happy Faces!

This year, Pelham Together released a new effort to promote the impact of mindfulness on social emotional health for young children….Project Happiness! Teens delivered Happiness Boxes to K-4th graders all over town, complete with a personalized note and free of charge. The box came with several mindfulness activities, instructions for older youth to do on their own or with friends, and a few gadgets for fun. They decorated their Happiness Boxes, which are then meant to be places to hold things that make a child happy. It’s a great tool when they’re bored, need a break, or just have some extra moments during the day. Pelham Together hopes the mindfulness tools kids practice now become ones they turn to throughout their lives as a way to help handle stressful moments. 

As a follow up, their Mental Health committee is starting to work on Calm Boxes, which are targeted towards middle and high school students.