Natalie Marrero

My name is Natalie Marrero and I’m honored to be running for a seat on the Pelham Board of Education.


I moved to Pelham in 2015 with my husband, Conrad and three small children. From the moment I unpacked, I knew I was home and wanted to be part of this beautiful and diverse community. I have given of myself through volunteerism in numerous capacities since we arrived in Pelham. Anyone who knows me can tell you that volunteering is important to me, and I have actively served and advocated for the educational needs of our community’s children from day one.


Community Commitment. I became involved with the PTA as soon as my children enrolled in Prospect Hill Elementary School and continue to serve on the PTA, PTA Council and Site Based Council today. I serve on the Board of the Pelham Children’s Center although my children did not attend PCC and are in elementary and middle school now. I do so because I believe that a great educational foundation is key to future academic success. Through my involvement with the different school base organizations, I have come to realize how much impact the Board of Education has on the day-to-day education of our children. I want to be a part of that team now and use my skills to positively impact the direction of this school system. Being elected to the Pelham Board of Education will allow me to continue advocating for excellence in the education of all children in our community and bring thoughtful leadership and accountability to the district.


Parent Engagement is Key. I believe the Board of Education must be responsive and receptive to the parents and encourage open dialog. The Board of Education must be partners with the parents in this endeavor if we are to be successful in providing the best academic and educational experience to our community’s children. Academic excellence is and should be the primary focus of the BOE’s work– every child should have the opportunity to get a great education here in Pelham and achieve to their highest potential.


Clear Strategy Matters. The five-year Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Education will be up for reevaluation in the next couple of years and Board members must ensure the plan set forth by the district meets the needs of the community and emphasizes academic excellence.


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