Upcoming Projects Help Maintain Pelham’s Charm

Pelham Preservation & Garden Society (PPGS) seeks to beautify and maintain Pelham’s charm and history, of which each resident is a part. Despite the disruptions and shifting priorities and concerns over the pandemic, PPGS has been hard at work in 2021 on highly visible projects that highlight Pelham history, architecture and natural beauty throughout the year. A major focus for recent years and moving forward is greenspace revitalization.


Current Projects

Chester Park Masonry Repair: PPGS is seeking to repoint the steps and entrance area at Chester Park to help preserve the structural integrity of this important greenspace in the Village of Pelham.


Chester Park Audio Tour: PPGS is recording the history and notable features of Chester Park in an audio tour available soon in an app. Residents can enjoy a walk in the park and surrounding neighborhood and learn about its history from local experts.


Replanting Train Station Island: The MTA Northbound side island replanting effort will plant mostly native species and beautify the Pelham train station. Many of the original plantings from 15 years ago have failed and need to be replaced.


First Street Train screening from Monterey to Ancon: PPGS is planning a mix of evergreen and deciduous plantings to better screen the train track area in the upper Pelham Heights neighborhood.


Replanting Near Wolfs Lane / NYAC Ave: This area was decimated by MTA officials clearing the property of sizeable trees during summer 2021. PPGS seeks to replant the area which is a complicated slope with potential erosion issues and many invasive plants.


Plaque at Hutchinson School: Working with the Pelham Schools, PPGS is working to retain an historic plaque which is embedded in an original wall of the school and believed to date from the founding of Hutchinson School. It shows the signatures of several of the people involved in the school’s construction.


Ongoing or Past Projects

Kid’s Architecture Workshop: PPGS Board member Heidi Carey led a two hour free seminar in May to children at the Pelham Market teaching them about architectural elements of design. The children created structures with paper and glue in a hands-on lesson and learned to identify various structural elements.


Downtown Flower Baskets: Facilitating and helping to fund (along with donors) 75 hanging flower baskets to adorn our downtown during the summer season.

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