Jackie De Angelis

My name is Jackie De Angelis and I am running for Pelham Board of Education Trustee to help oversee our exceptional school district. Please vote for me on May 17th at the Pelham Middle School.


My husband and I have been Pelham residents since 2005. I lead a healthcare marketing agency, and Jeff is a scientist at a local medical school. Our daughter, now in 8th grade, has been a student in Pelham Schools since Kindergarten. 


Straightforward Priorities — If elected, my priorities will be to continue recovery from the educational and emotional impact of pandemic learning by focusing on academics, addressing learning loss, a robust return to extracurricular activities and sports, and enhanced support for student and teacher well-being. I will set an example for students by considering the community in my decision-making, communicating clearly and transparently, and working collaboratively. 


Community Advocacy Leader and Service Focus — I mobilized 500+ Pelham parents to advocate to the District for a safe and accelerated return to in-person school 5 days per week. I then served on the District’s Reopening Task Force (and now the Covid Committee) to see it through for Pelham families. 


I also serve on the corporate social responsibility committee at my company. We organize events and initiatives that range from supporting health equity, to repairing houses, cleaning parks and alleviating food insecurity.


Finally, I was lucky to serve as a Girl Scout troop leader throughout my daughter’s years at Siwanoy. 


Highly Applicable Skills — As a business leader, I have skills that directly apply to a BOE Trustee position. I am:


• Solutions-oriented, seeking quick resolution to challenges and to understand root causes 


• Focused on removing obstacles to success for my teams


• Well-versed in developing budgets and strategic plans with performance tracking


An Eye on the Future — I will help set the District up for continued success, by ensuring that:


• The next strategic plan is easy to understand, focuses on both academic achievement and well-being, has measurable goals, and includes a progress tracker


• Annual budgets and hiring efforts are aligned to strategic goals


• Our school taxes are managed effectively  


Every child deserves to put pandemic learning behind them, enjoy their school days, and do their very best work. The same goes for our wonderful teachers. 


For more information, please visit: JackieDeAngelisforPelhamBOE.com. I look forward to securing your vote for Pelham Board of Education Trustee.