Town of Pelham Holds Organizational
and Legislative Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken



Pelham Town Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin opened an Organizational Meeting on January 10th, beginning with the swearing in of Receiver of Taxes Catherine Mazzaro; re-elected Councilwoman/Deputy Supervisor Rae Szymanski; new Councilwoman Kara McLoughlin and Supervisor by Town Justice John Gardner.


Supervisor McLaughlin announced the following appointments for 2022: Recreation Board, Aisling Bier; John Boyce; Kevin Fee; Daniel Green and Rosa Polenzani.  Also appointed were Town Attorney, Thomas Kleinberger; Town Engineer, Nicholas Grecco; Comptroller, Samantha Losurdo; Chief Constable, Stephen Conte; Receiver of Taxes, Catherine Mazzaro; Assistant Receiver of Taxes, Darlene Paolercio and Confidential Secretary Ruthann DeSimone.


County Executive George Latimer briefly wished the Council a Happy New Year, saying that he was recovering well from COVID.


Discussion turned to Local Law #1-2022, Sustainable Energy Loan Program (Property Assessed Clean Energy/C-PACE), private financing for energy-saving construction.  “It could be new construction or renovation.  In order for people to take advantage of this, we have to pass a Local Law,” McLaughlin stated.  “If they do finance a Tax Plot in Pelham, they can put a lien on that property which is subordinate to the liens of the Town.”  The Public Law passed.


At the Legislative meeting, Szymanski gave the Flycar Report for December.  “There were 88 calls; 49 in Village of Pelham; 39, Pelham Manor; three calls on I-95 and three calls on the Hutch.  The average response time for the Backup Flycar was 6 minutes and 22 seconds; 78% of the calls were answered in 7 minutes and under; 57%, six minutes and under.”


Assessor Joseph Battaglia noted that the County recently passed Legislation increasing the Veterans Exemption for County Tax Purposes, beginning with the 2022 Assessment Roll, applying to 2023 Taxes.  


“There are three versions of the Exemption: Main; Combat Veterans and additional Exemption for Service Disabilities.  Main Exemption will increase from $54,000 to $75,000; Combat Zone, $36,000 to $50,000; Disabled Maximum Eligibility, $180,000 to $250,000.  Jurisdictions must pass a Local Law Resolution to adopt this,” Battaglia concluded.