Pelham Manor Meets with NYC Parks Department Regarding Drainage Maintenance

Last month the Village of Pelham Manor met with representatives of the NYC Parks Department to review and discuss the maintenance of drainage channels that receive storm water from Pelham Manor. Attendees at the meeting included Assemblymember Nathalia Fernandez, NYC Bronx Parks Commissioner Jessinia Aponte, Pelham Bay Park Administrator Marianne Andersen and Molly Marcy from Brown Weinraub, along with other Parks Department personnel.


Meeting topics included a review of stormwater channels in Pelham Bay Park that receive water from the Elm Tree Lane neighborhood and the Monroe Street neighborhood. Parks Department personnel agreed that obstructions in the channels, along with silt build up and vegetation growth, along and in the channels, needed to be corrected.


Pelham Manor would like to thank Alex Betke of Brown Weinraub in Albany and Assemblymember Fernandez for arranging the meeting with these key decision makers.