Fall Leaf Collection

The Village Department of Public Works is preparing for seasonal leaf cleanup. The Department of Public Works collects approximately 1,200 tons of fall leaves and yard debris annually. The 2022 Fall Leaf Collection Program will commence on October 15, 2022, and continue through December 15, 2022.





• Pile leaves neatly on the grass near the edge of the road/curb line.

• Only pile leaves, nothing else.

• Keep the leaf piles on your property.



• Place leaves in the roadway, which can create traffic safety issues.

• Block any walkways/sidewalks with leaf piles.

• Place grass clippings, branches, or any other material with the leaves.

• Pile leaves near fire hydrants, storm drain catch basins, or near corners where they can create a visual obstruction or block the flow of stormwater to the catch basin, causing localized flooding.

• Place leaf piles over items that can cause damage, such as roadside boulders, gravel driveways/walkways, landscape lights, sprinkler heads, etc. 

• Place pumpkins or any other food waste in leaves; they will contaminate the leaves and will not be accepted by the dumping facility. All pumpkins should be disposed of with household garbage.


Residents should put leaves at the curb or edge of the street (not in the road) and not be co-mingled with brush and pine needles: proper leaf disposal

DON’T place your leaves in the street.


Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers: The Village does not allow gas-powered leaf blowers to be used from May 1st to October 14th and from December 16th to March 14th. Violations by a property owner or your lawn maintenance provider can result in enforcement action against the property owner, including a $250.00 fine, by Village Police. Please use the attached flyer to distribute to property owners or lawn maintenance providers.


Please Note: Christmas trees are picked up at the curb only from December 26th to January 31st. No organic pick-up between Dec.15 and March 15. Items must be held.