Pelham Manor Peddling Regulations

The Village regulates, through the issuance of licenses, the peddling of goods in Chapter 151 of the Village Code. Article I, Section 151-1 describes peddling and the license requirement in this way.


“In order that the use of the village streets may be properly regulated, the good government of the village maintained and the health, safety and general welfare of its inhabitants preserved and promoted, the use of the streets of the village for the sale of merchandise shall be limited to those persons licensed as peddlers by the village. It shall be unlawful for any person, except the lawful holder of a peddler’s, hawker’s, huckster’s or solicitor’s license issued by the village to him and then in full force and effect and while the same or the license number identifying it is displayed conspicuously upon the vehicle or receptacle from which merchandise is sold or upon the person of such peddler, hawker, huckster or solicitor at any time to sell, peddle or hawk personal property, produce, garden truck, food or other merchandise of any sort whatsoever in the streets of the village or solicit orders or subscriptions for future delivery.”


If a resident is approached by a peddler at home, the peddler must be able to produce their license to validate the fact that a license has been issued. If the peddler does not produce the license, he or she should be turned away and the resident should notify the PD that the unlicensed activity is taking place.