Video Phone Now in Use at PMPD Headquarters

Pelham Manor Video Phone Number: (914) 355-9662.


As part of its commitment to provide access to services for people with disabilities, the Village of Pelham Manor Police is now equipped with a Video Phone that will enable communication with those who have hearing and speech disabilities to communicate with us through Video Relay Service. The same service is being developed for Village Hall.


Video Relay Service (VRS) is a form of Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) that enables persons with hearing and speech disabilities who use American Sign Language to communicate with voice telephone users through video equipment, rather than through typed text. Video equipment links the VRS user with a communications assistant, or CA, so that the VRS user and the CA can see and communicate with each other in signed conversation. Because the conversation between the VRS user and the CA flows much more quickly than with a text-based TRS call, VRS has become an enormously popular form of TRS.

How VRS Works


VRS, like other forms of TRS, allow persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech disabilities to communicate by telephone in a manner that is functionally equivalent to telephone services used by persons without such disabilities. The VRS caller, using a television or a computer with a video camera device and a broadband (high speed) Internet connection, contacts a VRS CA, who is a qualified interpreter. They communicate with each other in sign language through a video link. The VRS CA then places a telephone call to the party the VRS user wishes to call. The VRS CA relays the conversation back and forth between the parties.