Village Holds Special Board of Trustees Meeting

A special Village of Pelham Board of Trustees meeting came to order on July 26 at 7pm. Village of Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen began by addressing the Resolution Adopting the Statement of Findings for the “Village of Pelham Downtown Restoration Initiatives.”


“We are now coming to the end of what has been a four-and-a-half-year process,” Mullen began. He went on to recount the significant challenges and efforts for the project from 2018 to the present. 


“Tonight, we are adopting a Statement of Findings for the “Village of Pelham Downtown Restoration Initiatives.”  There are two Public Hearings; the first in accordance with Section 1411(d) of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law in connection with proposed, conditioned, surplus of certain Village-Owned Property to the Pelham Local Development Corporation; the second, Public Hearing on Proposed Site Plan Application for Pelham House, LLC.” 


Consultant Nanette Bourne, Sam Schwartz Co., explained that the Statement of Findings is a record in of the entire process. It discusses the proposed broadbase actions which includes both the Municipal Center, the Pelham House project as well as other improvements proposed as part of the Downtown Restoration Initiatives. Once adopted the Village can proceed with taking the actions that require approval.


Jeff Beach of Harris Beach, PLLC. Attorneys at Law, then spoke regarding the first part of the public hearing/comments. Beach is operating as counsel for the Pelham Local Development Corporation. He explained that before swapping properties with Pelham House, the Village is required to have a Public Hearing to designate its property as surplus property in anticipation of the transactions. Once Pelham House completes the Municipal Center, they will transfer over property at some point in time, established as surplus property. The public comments are for those with questions and/or concerns about the disposal of this property.


Pelham resident Maryanne Joyce was recognized in the Public Comments section. She asked for a more specific description of which properties are being traded off.


“By the end of the process it will be Parking Lot 2; the Open-Air Lot at the Corner of Fifth Avenue and Third Street plus the Fire House property. We will still own Village Hall,” Mullen replied.  The Section 1411 Not-for-Profit Corporation Law was approved by Roll Call vote.


Then David Cooper, Partner, Zarin and Steinmetz, representing Pelham House, said that the Pelham House/Applicant is seeking inclusion within the Business District Floating Zone, a 127 residential unit building with approximately 5,000 square feet of street-level commercial space, plus 220 parking spaces, including 60 for Village use. He then introduced Patrick Normoyle of Ginsberg Developers and Pelham House acknowledged all the teams that worked through this process from the beginning. 


Architect Jie Siang Yong, Marvel Architects, conducted a comprehensive walk-through of the entire site plan that included final renderings, material choices, residential units, parking spaces, terraces, a roof-top terrace with space for gathering and an outdoor kitchen as well as an interior courtyard with tables and chairs for the residents. There were also renderings depicting the lobby and other gathering areas.


Mayor Mullen then opened the meeting to the 2nd part of the Public Comment section.


A question was asked about the specific description of “workforce” housing units. Normoyle stated that there will be 6 units (2 Studios and 4 1-bedroom units) targeted toward senior citizens. The studios will rent for approximately $1500 and the one-bedrooms will rent for approximately $1600.


Another concern from a resident was in regards to the flooding issue in the area. She indicated that there didn’t seem to be any cost-effective way to mitigate it. After much discussion, Mullen cited the kickoff of the Village’s Mitigation Study that will be a Village-wide study but will dig deeper into those areas most impacted by flooding. Normoyle added that they will provide $400,000 toward the study.


Other questions pertained to the sustainability and facade of the project.

Finally, a Resolution called for a Special Meeting on Tuesday, August 2nd at 7:00 p.m. to hold a Public Hearing on Proposed Law No.6 of 2022 of Pelham Village Code, “Business District Floating Zone.”  Both public hearings approved.