New Library Board Member Appointed;
Library Receives $50,000 Donation

Left to right:  Councilwoman Maura Curtin; new Library Board member Paul Tapogna; Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin.

By Stephen E. Lipken



Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin convened the Monday, July 11th Pelham Town Council Meeting, calling for the swearing in of new Library Board member Paul Tapogna, followed by approval of the Minutes and Flycar Report, presented by Deputy Supervisor/Councilwoman Rae Szymanski.


Szymanski noted that in June there were 37 Flycar calls in Pelham; 22, Pelham Manor; two on the Hutchinson Parkway and one call on I-95.  Average time for backup to the Flycar, 6 minutes and 33 seconds; 68 % of the calls were answered in six minutes and under; 59% five minutes and under. 


“We continue to work with our little committee on what our next steps are going to be,” Syzmanski stated.  “We’re not at a point where we can share what will happen but we are exploring every possibility to improve emergency services in the Town.”


Councilwoman Kara McLoughlin gave an update from Friends of Pelham Sports.  They will not be pursuing building up on the Field House at Glover Park.  It would cost in excess of $3 million dollars and they were not sure the ground could sustain a multi-story structure.  They will renovate places in the High School.  


Supervisor McLaughlin asked Kara how many times Franklin Field is used. 

In the Legal Report, Councilwoman Kristen Burke said that the Court needs an additional radio and they are in the process of hiring a female Constable.  The Constables are checking for Covid vaccination records instead of masks; Courts will be closed the week of August 15-22. 


Regarding the Library, Councilwoman Maura Curtin acknowledged the Library Board for securing a $50,000 donation to underwrite a grant from NYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi’s office to take a look at “the best and highest use of that Library property.”