Gaito Proposes Owner’s Representation
and Construction Management Services
for Pelham House Project

By Stephen E. Lipken



Peter F. Gaito from PFG Construction Services, Inc. appeared at the Village of Pelham Board of Trustees Work Session on Tuesday, July 12th, presenting a proposal for Owner’s Representation and Construction Management Services in connection with the Pelham House Project.


Gaito disseminated the Schematic Phase Design Development (DD), focusing on DD Drawings, bringing the schematic design to the next level, including specifics in terms of projects, products, systems, materials, finishes as spelled out in the DD Phase.  Gaito welcomed comments from the Police Department, Fire Department, keeping everyone appraised with comments going back and to the developer. 


“The Construction Documents (CD) Phase is the last chance we have to create a second set of documents, used for both construction purposes and obtain the Building Permit,” Gaito said.


“Careful monitoring, conducting, recording, questions, interpretations, keeping logs, project records, what we call ‘tool box minutes,’ are essentially contractors and subcontractors getting together to keep the project moving along,” Gaito concluded.


At the Regular Meeting, Resolutions enacted the provisional appointment of Pelham Police Lieutenant Danny Green to Police Chief and promotion of Sergeant Michael Sheehy to Lieutenant.


Bond Resolutions, dated July 12th approved the issuance of $750,000 Serial Bonds to finance the costs of Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure improvements and up to $350,000 to underwrite the costs of a Village-wide Stormwater Study.


Another Resolution authorized American Green Zone Alliance Proposal for transitioning landscape maintenance to low impact operations, mainly switching to all-electric equipment, as recommended by Sustainability Advisory Board and Climate Smart Task Force. A professional consulting firm will meet with DPW to help make this transition. 


Chamber of Commerce President Cristina Chianese expressed deep concern concerning parking ticket fines, fearing that customers will shop elsewhere.  This will be discussed at the next Work Session.