New Library Board Trustee Sworn In; RFP for In-House Ambulance Discussed

Town Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin; new Library Trustee Nadira Boodhoo; Councilwoman/Library Liaison Maura Curtin.

By Stephen E. Lipken


Pelham Town Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin opened the Board meeting on May 1, swearing in new Library Board Trustee Nadira Boodhoo after Approval of Minutes. McLaughlin cited that many items on Ms. Boodhoo’s resume, including Vice President at M&T Bank reflected his banking experience.   


Deputy Town Supervisor Rae Szymanski presented the Flycar Report for April, with 40 calls in the Village of Pelham; 34 in Pelham Manor; three calls on I-95 and three calls on the Hutch.  Average time for Transport Unit arrival was 9 minutes and 57 seconds; 57% of Flycar calls were answered in six minutes and under.  


Councilwoman Kara McLoughlin reported that soccer activities have started, with over 300 Pre-K to Second Graders enrolled.  Permits for use of the tennis courts are available for Julianne’s Playground, through November. The $100 permit is for the entire summer.


McLoughlin added that Pelham Together offers mental health services for youths, having a licensed psychologist supervising interns, the goal to get children into therapy with referrals to a more permanent solution.  Pelham Together Summerfest will be held on June 3rd in Chester Park. 


Supervisor McLaughlin clarified that all Pelham Manor Police and Fire Department members are AED, BLS and CPR certified. “Pelham Manor sends their PD to enhance the Town’s emergency medical response.  It is noteworthy that PM houses the Flycar without charge to the Town,” McLaughlin stated. 


During Public Comment discussion regarding the need for an ambulance, McLaughlin said that a million-dollar home in the Town yields $430 in annual taxes. “In order to buy that ambulance and Flycar we would have to increase taxes from $430 to $750, an additional $1.5 million annually.”


“We are keeping the Flycar, manned 24/7, with a paramedic that can do intubations, IV’s and stabilizations until the Transport comes,” Szymanski concluded.