Changes in Architectural Review Board
at Village of Pelham Meeting

Mayor Chance Mullen, left, swears in new Architectural Review Board member Iva Filipovic

By Stephen E. Lipken


Village of Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen opened the April 25 Board meeting, noting the Architectural Review Board “Changing of the Guard,” with Chairperson Ron Czajka stepping down after 20 years of service, replaced by new Chairperson Greg Shunick.  Mullen then swore in new ARB members Danielle DeVito, appointed to the vacant position left by Shunick, and Iva Filipovic, filling the expired term of Kristin Austin.


Next, Trustee Kim McGreal reported that four candidates are running for the Tuesday, May 16th Board of Education election, running for two open three-year terms, along with vote on the Budget.  The candidates, drawn by lot are Sidney Burke, Annemarie Garcia, Connie Garrdio-Carmody and Tade Reen. The election will be at Pelham Middle School Gymnasium, 28 Franklin Place, from 7am to 9pm. 


Mayor Mullen stated that NYS Governor Kathy Hochul’s Housing Compact was pulled from the State Budget. “It is essential that we build affordable housing, but we do not want to lose local control,” Mullen stressed.


Then the 2023-24 Tax Cap-compliant Budget was adopted with Resolution A,  Amending and Revising the Tentative 2023-24 Village Budget for Finalization as Adopted Budget; B, Making Appropriations for the Conduct of the Village Government and establishing Rates of Compensation for Officers and Employees of Such Period; C, Levying Village Tax, Establishing Tax Rate and Fixing Dates for Payment;  D, Resolution Authorizing 2023-24 Village of Pelham Budget for Investments; E, Resolution Authorizing 2023-24 Village of Pelham Budget for Levy and Collection of Additional Taxes Upon Termination of Exempt Status.


A Resolution authorized Grant Consulting Agreement with Millennium Strategies in amount of $39,600 per year to assist the Village in securing grants starting June 1, 2023 through May 31, 2024.


At Work Session, Mullen remarked that although Fund Balance will not be applied, a $250,000 Contingency Fund was earmarked for emergencies.