Pelham Manor 2022-2023 Budget and Tax Levy Adopted

Front row, left to right: Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey; Trustee Joseph Senerchia. Rear, left to right: Village Attorney Albert Cornachio; Trustees Maurice Owen-Michaane; Breda Bennett; A. Michelle DeLillo. 

By Stephen E. Lipken


Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey convened a Board of Trustees meeting on April 25th, recounting that she and Village Manager John T. Pierpont met with Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) Regional Director Lance MacMillan, regarding an onsite discussion about Boston Post Road pedestrian and traffic safety.


Noting that BPR is controlled and maintained by New York State DOT, Lapey pointed to placing a crossing guard during key hours at Four Corners intersection and timing traffic lights all the way down to Fairway and BJ’s Markets, securing an All-Way Stop at Four Corners, plus passing Home Rule legislation to obtain a Red Light Camera.


In the Treasurer’s Report for March 2022, Pierpont said property tax payments totaled $70,042.49; Expenditures for General Governmental Support, $110,827.61; Public Safety, $534,151.80; Transportation, $46,284.58 of which $10,676.22 was spent on snow and ice control operations. Parks and Recreation expenditures, $25,211.50; Community Services, $70,659.66 and Employee Benefits, $65,213.69.  A bid of $2,975 from Three D Industrial Maintenance Corp. was accepted for street sweeping. 


Pierpont then submitted the MS4 Annual Report, subject to Public Hearing on May 9th.


The 2022-2023 Budget and Tax Levy was adopted, with Mayor Lapey authorized to sign the Warrant.  


During Public Comment, Gianni Magnani inquired if it was possible to get a tentative schedule for street sweeping, “so that residents might know when to move their vehicles.”  Mayor Lapey replied that there is an “e-subscribe” feature at the top right-hand corner of the Village Website, facilitating e-blasts about such upcoming events. 


Lapey invited residents to attend a demonstration of No-Dig Gardening by Ted and Katie Stratis at their home on 224 Townsend Avenue as part of Healthy Yards Program on May 22nd at 3:30pm.  No-Dig Gardening consists of planting seeds over a layer of compost/mulch.