Wastequip/Toter Carts Planned for Village

By Stephen E. Lipken


Shane Gore, Regional Sales Manager, Toter Division, Wastequip, a garbage container company, appeared before the April 12 Village of Pelham Board of Trustees Work Session, discussing proposed new refuse containers to be distributed to Village residents.


“Wastequip is the premier manufacturer and distributor of waste handling equipment in North America, with headquarters in Charlotte, NC and 38 locations across the country,” Gore began.  “Toter is the plastics division of Wastequip. We utilize a process, rotational molding, where we slowly heat up resin, cooling it slowly, enabling the containers to stand up to brutal winters.”


A Rugged Rim with drip edge adds rigidity and reinforced material to critical wear areas, extending the life of the cart.  A 5/8-inch axle provides over 2,000 pounds of bending strength.  Molded axle journal provides 6x more support than drilled holes. Injection-molded carts can split and crack.


Nestable Toter carts stack 6 or 7 high, one inside another, fully assembled.  Delivery savings, $2 to $3/cart with 12-year Body Warranty, 10 years on components. Broken parts can be rectified by providing photographs of the carts with their serial numbers.  Gore emphasized that Toter will recycle and replace old, warn carts.


A Final Address List will be provided, assigning serial numbers for homes; goal is for delivery before Christmas.


At the Regular Meeting, Mayor Chance Mullen opened a Public Hearing regarding the 2022-23 Tentative Budget.  Village Administrator Christopher Scelza noted that the operating Budget is $16,539,000, which reflects a 2.29% tax increase of the current year’s operating Budget.  “Tax rate for Homestead Properties is 1.35%; Non-Homestead, 1.98%,” Scelza stated.


Mayor Mullen added that in some places the Budget was coming down, particularly the Village’s move to in-house garbage services.  “We are seeing increases in gas, utilities and Health Insurance costs,” Mullen noted.