Pelham Country Club Certiorari Approved

By Stephen E. Lipken


Pelham Town Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin opened a Zoom Council meeting on April 4, wishing Deputy Supervisor Rae Szymanski a Happy Birthday as she began her Flycar Report. 


“For the month of March there were 40 calls in the Village of Pelham; 30 in Pelham Manor; 7 on Hutchinson Parkway and one on I-95.  The average unit backup time was 8 minutes and 37 seconds; 73% of the calls were answered in 6 minutes and under; 50%, five minutes and under.”


Szymanski mentioned a preliminary meeting with Eastchester, stating that they wanted to extend their EMS service to Pelham and Pelham Manor, adding that she did send out her Annual Report on sexual harassment training, forwarded to Library Director Augusta Turner. 


A Board of Education Resolution was passed, approving Certiorari settlement of Pelham Country Club/Pelham Leasing Corp., assessment dropping from $5,800,000 to $4,500,000; Town Refund for 5 years is $4,020; School refund, $158,287.


Councilwoman Kara McLoughlin discussed various recreation activities with the schools, partnering with the Chamber of Commerce and met with the School District regarding painting lines at Julianne’s Playground, creating Pickleball Courts. She noted that 22 people used the Senior Van in March, mainly to doctors’ appointments.


Regarding legal matters, Councilwoman Kristen Burke said that the Court received a NYS Grant, used to hire part time clerks and outreach for more Constables to include women and people of color. The Court is 100% open, with staggered appearances.


The Library is fully operational with programs for people of all ages, according to Councilwoman Maura Curtin with Outside Story Time activities planned.  


Addressing the shortage of EMS personnel, McLaughlin pointed to a Westchester County grant of $6,000 in education monies to recruit Firefighter/EMS Volunteers, applied to student loans, criteria being earning at least a “C” in their courses.