DaniLee’s Helping Hands Sole Topic at Village of Pelham Planning Board Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Village of Pelham Planning Board Chair Joseph Marty opened the February 21st  meeting with members Ben Ascher and Matthew Margulis.


Sole topic of the meeting was a change of occupancy request on 251 Wolfs Lane by Architect Consultant Danielle DeVito of Pencil Projects Architecture Studio, PLLC in Pelham for DaniLee’s Helping Hands, a childcare center. “This change of occupancy at 251 will allow us to expand into the space, the main goal to provide a flexible classroom and staff room to the existing operation next door to 253-255 Wolfs Lane to accommodate Middle and High School students, providing an enrichment program consisting of vocational classes and life skills workshops.


“The classroom can accommodate 12 students with flexible furniture to allow a variety of set ups and opportunities for teaching different skills. The back room will be for staff, which will give them a place to have a desk, paperwork, printer, copier, have a little lunch sometimes and store their important documents. 


“Prior to this, 251-253-255 was used by the Pelham Picture House; before that, Pelham High School Guidance Office. We are returning the space back to its original intended use and provide a safe place for the students.   We don’t expect any changes in traffic or parking requirements because this space is specifically designed for Middle and High School students, most of whom are expected to walk to the site,” DeVito stated.


Marty noted that hours of operation will cover after school up to 8:00 p.m. and that the Building Inspector was the person to go to as well as approval of signage by Architectural Review Board. 


Fire Chief Robert Benkwitt asked to clarify what Helping Hands was actually providing. President and Co-Owner Danielle Marrero answered that they wanted to provide an outlet and resources for younger kids, as well as being wheelchair accessible.