Veterans Exemptions Increase for Real Property Tax Levels Passed at Pelham Manor Public Hearing

By Stephen E. Lipken



Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey convened a Public Hearing regarding Local Law on February 28th, regarding Veterans Real Property Tax Exemption.  Village Manager John Pierpont noted that the Exemption applies to all three levels of veterans (Alternative; Combat; Service-Connected Disability) as well as Cold War Veterans. 


Pierpont said that Town Assessor Joseph Battaglia notified him about this Local Law; Lapey pointed to a modest overall tax increase.  The Law passed unanimously.


Mayor Lapey cited Pelham Fire Department’s routine response to Hutchinson Parkway and I-95 accidents, even though they are in Police Department purview, and called attention to a structure fire at the Hamlet on January 14th, caused by a dryer vent clogged with lint.  


“Every time you change your smoke detector batteries, clean out your dryer vents,” Fire Chief Joseph Ruggiero stressed. “Birds and small animals can nest in the duct hose leading outside.”


Then Board approved Project Community hosting the Color Run on May 22nd.  


Color Run is a fundraiser for ongoing initiatives of youth, families and community members through Project Community programs addressing Self-Awareness; Anxiety; Binge Drinking and Sexual Assault.


A Resolution rescheduled the March 14th Board meeting to March 10th at 8:15 p.m. 


During Public Comment, resident Matthew Thompson discussed access to athletics through Shore and Trestle Parks, referring to a “significant shortage of athletic fields with a huge uptick of programs, looking for space,” noting that Hutchinson and Prospect Hill fields are out due to construction.  Seeking fields for his Travel Soccer Team, Thompson said that Pelham Manor owns the fields; High School has first right of refusal.


Lapey added that Trestle Field has wildlife issues, including wolves, dogs and coyotes, leading to insurance problems.  She asked Pierpont to contact the carrier and Recreation.