Hudson Valley Clean Energy Community Program Coordinator Carroll Speaks at Town Council Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken



Pelham Town Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin opened an in-person meeting on March 7th, 2022, with the approval of two sets of Minutes, Legislative and Public Hearing. 


Next, Kat Carroll, Hudson Valley Clean Energy Community Program, Coordinator, Hudson Valley Regional Council,  ( addressed the meeting.


“We provide technical support to municipalities,” Carroll began.  “The leadership in this Program offers flexible grant funding for clean energy projects with no match and creates pathways to lower utility bills for homes, businesses and municipal buildings.  As a Coordinator, I am available to provide technical support.  Eleanor Peck is the Clean Energy Communities (CEC) Coordinator for this Region (  


“Local governments across the State have access to $17 million dollars in Grant Awards; each Region has an allocation of $880,000.  There are three types of awards, Designation, which is awarded after four actions are completed; Point Based Grants, after 3,000 points are achieved within the Program and Action Awards, which are given after the passage of NY Stretch Energy Code, reducing energy consumption, operating costs, Greenhouse Gas emissions and completion of Community Campaign (encourage residents to subscribe to community solar, purchase electric vehicles, heat pumps or participate in demand response).


“Grant Awards differ by Community Size.  If the Town decides to move ahead with New York Stretch, the award would be $5,000, which could go towards any clean energy project; Community Campaign, an additional $5,000. Energy Code Enforcement Training offers free hands-on training on current NYS energy code for code officers which is worth 200 points.”


McLaughlin asked Carroll what 100% Renewable Electricity meant.  Carroll replied that would be acquiring 100% Renewable Electricity for buildings the Town manages by leaving Con Edison, going to an ESCO and demonstrating a 10% reduction in GHG.