Parking Transition Plan Presented at
Village of Pelham Trustees Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken



Mayor Chance Mullen called to order the Tuesday, February 8th Village of Pelham Board of Trustees meeting, announcing that Deputy Treasurer Kieya Glaze was recognized for Black Excellence by Progressive Women of Pelham.


The Parking Transition Plan was presented.  Mullen said that 38 Pelham House parking spaces are planned for the First Floor, 22 for the Second Floor; total 60.  There are 335 Resident Permits; 123 Commuter Permits.

Parking Transition Plan Approach Transition will happen in three phases:


• Phase One: Lot 2 is decommissioned (-173 spaces)

• Phase Two: Lot 3 is repurposed for Municipal Center (-56 spaces)

• Phase Three: Pelham House completed (+60 spaces)


Plan driven by Functional Priorities, not revenue:


• Resident (permit)

• Merchant (permit)

• Shopper/Diner (short-term meters)

• Commuter/non-resident (permit)


At the Work Session, Village Consultant/Planner Nanette Bourne cited the 2008 Comprehensive Plan, which called for a revitalization of the Downtown, making it more pedestrian friendly and attractive to development.  The Business District Floating Zone (BDFZ) was drafted to create a Transit Oriented Development Downtown.  


“We came up with 260-280 dwelling units with 12,000 square feet of commercial development. In the five years since BDFZ was enacted, 28 units were constructed, and 90 additional units were approved but the permits expired.  A Request for Proposal (RFP) was presented to developers to replace the decaying Fire Station, Police Station and non-ADA compliant Village Hall with a new Municipal Center,” Bourne noted.


“If the Village Board approves Pelham House, it would add another 127 units and we recommend that the BDFZ be extended 5 years.”  Mullen mentioned the Traffic Safety Plan, School Generation Study, Municipal Parking Facilities, Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study and Fair Share Mitigation Assessment, plus Generic Environmental Impact Study (GEIS).

“The GEIS looks at the partnership with the Village and Pelham House developer,” Bourne explained.  To have less impact on the schools, only five 3-bedroom units will be constructed.