Request for Second Toonerville Music Festival Presented at Village Work Session

By Stephen E. Lipken



Village of Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen opened a Board of Trustees Work Session and Regular Meeting on January 25, beginning with Jason Jeffries’ request to hold a second Toonerville Music Festival.


“We were able to get in at the ideal time when people felt comfortable enough to safely distance, go outside and have some fun with live music,” Jeffries said.  “When we first presented it to the Civics, we figured that we could pull this off for about $35,000. We did lose $9,960.


“Our goals were to bring the community together after a year of lockdown last summer; put Pelham on the map, bringing in talent that would draw people from other places and raise money for the Pelham Civics.”   


Trustee Hanan Eldahry asked if ticket prices were too high for middle to low-income families. Mullen replied that it was a not-for-profit event.  Projected date is September 17, 2022, for approval at the February 8 meeting.


Discussion turned to the Business District Floating Zone (BDFZ).  “Pelham was not a planned community,” Mullen observed. “There are 7-story buildings beside one-story buildings, empty lots; three gas stations across from our one public park with empty lots becoming parking lots. 


“When we adopted the BDFZ, we put in a Sunset Clause, reviewed this year; with no renewal it would expire in March 2023.  BDFZ was truncated by COVID, so I would like to extend it a couple of years and re-think senior housing.”


During the Regular Meeting, Mullen stated that food assistance is available for those isolated by COVID, regardless of income level, call 914-995-5566. 


Next, Board adopted Local Law 1 of 2022, overriding Real Property Tax Levy Limit and passed a Resolution adopting Fund Balance Policy, establishing a target of 16.67%.