Eileen Miller

I’m Eileen Miller, and I’m thrilled to announce that I am running for the Pelham Board of Education. I’m running because I’m passionate about our schools and our students.  I value cooperation, the opportunity to succeed for all our children, open communication, and I value trust.

My platform is Rebuilding the School Community.  These are my three top priorities:


1. Academic success among all our students. Our students’ interrupted education has been terrible.  Our kids are quick learners and they WILL BOUNCE BACK.  But we need to help them, and I think we can do more.  I propose that the District provide summer enrichment for any elementary school student whose parents feel they need it.  Strengthening our kids’ fundamental skills will be their best path to academic success.  


2. Support the mental health and social/emotional wellness of all students and staff. Unfortunately, the pandemic exacerbated an existing youth mental health crisis.  No child succeeds academically if they are not okay emotionally— investment in human and programmatic resources at all grade levels is critical to our children’s overall success. 


3. Invest in our students’ futures with responsible budgeting. I believe that our tax dollars are investments in our children’s futures and we must invest wisely.  This year’s proposed budget adds support to our critically important social-emotional wellness efforts, teachers to expand course offerings, Interventionists to support continued academic needs,  and provides increased technology to our youngest students.  That is a lot of bang for our buck.


Improved communication will be the hallmark of my Board service.  There has been a lack of alignment on how the Board handles public comment during meetings. I believe there should be more open dialogue during these sessions, and I will advocate for changes in this area.


About Me — My family and I have lived in Pelham for 10 years this August. Both our children attended Pelham schools; my son is a college sophomore and my daughter is a high school senior.  My many roles include: Class parent, chair of the book fair at Colonial; Member of Middle School Site Based Council; Board Member of the Pelham Education Foundation; Co-President of the Friends of the Pelham Public Library; and Trustee on the Pelham Board of Education.


And, I have worked at Pelham Together for the last four years.  

A common thread in all my endeavors is that I choose student-centered work, and I love to work as part of a team. I truly believe the best ideas come from groups who are diverse in thinking, committed to professionalism, hard work, and have the best interests and success of students and the staff at the center of everything.  


Finally, thanks to my prior Board experience I understand the legal, financial, educational, and social emotional wellness issues that are unique to public schools.  My thoughtful leadership means that I will be able to spearhead continuous improvements and build on our already great schools.


For more info, or to find me on social media, please visit my website:  www.eileenmillerboe.com