Pelham Art Center Brings Community and Art Together

By Stephen E. Lipken



The Pelham Art Center hosted their Second Annual Art Happening on May 21st, sponsored by Bischof and Bischof.


“Welcome to the Pelham Art Happening 2022,” Pelham Art Center Executive Director Charlotte Mouquin exclaimed. “We are having an amazing day with free activities for artists and we just love to bring people together through art and celebrate our community.”


The community art festival began with yoga instruction by Samantha “Sammy” Richardson in the PAC courtyard. “I am here for us to come and cultivate some calm, peace, joy and happiness in our lives and also a sense of stillness and awareness.”


Richardson demonstrated a “singing bowl,” a brass bowl that resonates when struck by a “mallet,” a small wooden cylinder, cultivating the “chakra” system, aligning the body’s energy points.


There were several art-making stations in the courtyard with teaching artists Donna Ross and Zafiro Acevedo, featuring chalk art and painted expressions on a community canvas.  


Donetta Riley created balloon sculptures of many kinds of playful colors and shapes, including a depiction of “Bubbles,” one of the Power Puff Girls.


Andrea Ziegelman, Executive and Artistic Director, Accent Dance, NYC presented “Agostina” and her partner, Jose Rojas who performed Zamba and Chacarera, Argentine folk dances.


Inside the PAC, Hilary Parry Haggerty gave free personalized tarot readings, along with artist vendors Heedan Chung; Janice DeMarino; Hilda Demsky; Erika Hibbert; Eric Kollen; Susan Nathenson; Joyce Pommer; Rebecca Schwarz, Scott Seaboldt and Fran Sisco. 


Seaboldt, Highbrook Studios, demonstrated Silver Point, or Metal Point, etching with a fine point stylus that can be drawn with lead, copper or silver on a prepared surface, done by such Renaissance artists as Albrecht Durer and DaVinci.