Pelham Newcomers Registration & Engagement Drive

During the weekend of April 2-3, the Town of Pelham Democratic Committee held a voter registration and engagement drive for Pelham Newcomers. Twenty-five volunteers visited more than 400 new Pelhamites across Pelham Manor and the Village of Pelham to ensure that new neighbors, of any party, are registered at their current addresses, and know where and when to vote in local, state, and national elections. 


“After a cross-country move, registering to vote was on our to do list, but it kept getting pushed back,” said Bronwyn Hagan, who moved to town in 2021. “I was grateful to have friendly faces come to my door and provide information about not only registering but also Pelham governance and upcoming elections. We feel lucky to have moved into such a welcoming community!”


Canvasser Allison Frost, Co-Chair of the Pelham Manor Democratic Party and a Pelham resident since 2020, spearheaded the effort. “Local government in Pelham can be confusing,” Frost noted. “It was a pleasure getting to meet people and talking about our community.” Potential voters were provided with a chart summarizing the different responsibilities of each village, the town, and the Board of Education. Canvassers also distributed voter registration forms and provided information about registering online and checking voter registration status. 


Each Newcomer had the opportunity to ask questions and share comments on topics including taxes, education, zoning, parking, sustainability, waste collection, emergency services, recreation, or community responsive policing. Those with specific needs were connected with elected officials who could help.


For more information about local government, voter registration or upcoming election dates, go to or email