Art Dedication on Fifth Avenue

On March 4, 2022, the Village of Pelham Council on the Arts dedicated their first official public/private partnership displaying a set of murals created by artist Barry Mason at the future site of 139 Fifth Avenue.


Among those in attendance were property owners James Smithmeyer and Anthony Dunphy (JMJ Construction), Athena Longoria (mural designer), and the members of the Village of Pelham Council on the Arts: Lisa Robb, Francile Albright, Jessica Solomon, Jeff Watkins, Ruben Rodriguez, Emlyn Taveras, and Lisa Koonce.


Village officials included Trustee McGreal (Liaison to the Arts Council), Deputy Mayor Mike Carpenter and Mayor Chance Mullen.


Barry shared with the attendees that “…it’s an honor to have my work here and I’m thankful to everyone. I hope that everyone in the community that walks by here takes a peek from time to time—families and young kids can admire the artwork and the new building that is under construction.”


Mayor Mullen formally dedicated the artwork, saying: “On behalf of the residents of the Village of Pelham, I hereby dedicate this art to all those trying to embrace the journey. To those guided by the inspiration of the moment. And to anyone searching for beauty in the midst of loss.”