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Fall Fashion Forecast:

Beguiling & Beautiful!

by Barbara Barton Sloane


Fall/winter has a way of sneaking up, just as you’re enjoying those last beach days and poolside chill sessions.  Suddenly, the frantic search for a cute winter jacket or a pair of snow boots leads to some regrettable last-minute purchases.  All that ends today. Snap out of summer mode for a brief moment and brush up on the fall 2019 fashion trends. Though it’s hard to know exactly what the new styles will be, these six stunning looks are a pretty good indicator.


At Burberry, Riccardo Tisci named his collection “Tempest,” that referred to “contrast in British culture and weather.” The climate – both in political and environmental senses – is a hot-button subject in these stormy times for the U.K. Yet it’s Burberry’s role as a global brand to somehow project a positive message across markets and generations. There was a posh element clearly addressed to the bourgeoisie that included a dramatic black velvet skirt suit with a cream ruffled blouse and silk tie - and a crisply classic Burberry raincoat – an item forever new, forever just right.





Daniel Lee’s runway debut was a long time coming; the 32-year-od was appointed Bottega Veneta’s new creative director quite a while ago. Lee respects the House’s heritage, but he’s got an independent streak.  He recently said, “I like real clothes.   I think there’s a need for a return to elegance and sophistication.” This was evidenced in a black leather tank dress cut with simplicity and a bold leopard print number that was, indeed, elegant with a touch of sheer sophistication.









Adroitly mixed with a seasonal twist, there was a compilation of crowd-pleasing womenswear standards masterminded by Elie Saab that left his audience wanting more. Saab opened with a set of primary-colored fitted jersey dresses and pantsuits, most featuring high collars and a few with ruffles. There was a swoon-worthy sequined emerald tuxedo with a matching pleated cape, followed by a sequence of black – lace, lace, lace. A standout was Saab’s persimmon frock displaying a deep V and cascading ruffles from belt to hem. Matching knee-high boots completed this autumn-awesome look.






The Emilio Pucci design team took a research trip to Japan before designing the label’s new Fall collection.  The influences were subtle, but study the garments up close and they were there: the kimono sleeves on a printed chemisier and the landscape print picked out in embroidery on a long dress. Color and print are at the foundation of this Italian heritage brand, and both were well represented in Pucci’s smooth and supple to-the-floor frock in an iconic pastel Pucci print that would work equally well at a pool or posh event.








Kate Spade’s creative director Nicola Glass showed vibrant colors, leopard prints, and ‘70s silhouettes – shades of Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche via Marc Jacobs. With tailoring trending, the highlights of this collection were the ‘70s pantsuits in twill or corduroy with their narrow jackets and high-waisted, flared trousers. A fab Fall look was a toast-colored turtle neck paired with a bright blue, to-the-knee skirt and matching boots.  Glass sent many of her models out with large totes, a backward nod to the original Kate Spade shape from the ‘90s.  That was a nice, thoughtful touch.






And now, meet the new fashion brand where modesty meets functionality. According to designer N Baranes, we have eight senses. It’s not just your standard five (sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste) plus what some psychics consider the sixth — intuition. She likes to throw in humor, and common sense to complete the eight. It’s this playful interpretation which lends the name for her line of clothing The Eight Senses. This luxe brand is simple yet intriguing, mysterious yet familiar, and the styles take you effortlessly from day to evening, city to city, or season to season. One quite spectacular piece is the Graceful Maxi, a modern style featuring a dramatic asymmetric cape with a long, flowing back. Ergonomic slant pockets add a thoughtful, functional touch. Another – a tomato red sleeveless dress cut just above the knee –easy, breezy, what you want to wear right now! Each piece is trans-seasonal, beautifully crafted with clean lines that work for all ages and body types. I mean, really, who could ask for anything more?






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