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Max -- Beloved Dog on Fifth Avenue

They say all dogs go to heaven . . .


It is with a heavy heart that we share with you the news of the passing of our wonderful, furry bundle of joy, Max.


Max, known as the doggy in the window at 17 Fifth Avenue, passed away in the comfort of his home, in the arms of his loving mom on 1/28/18.


Max enjoyed his life in Pelham to the fullest, and we are sure it gave him great joy watching all the people from Pelham who passed by and acknowledged his presence.

Max, the happy dog he was, wouldn’t want people to be sad for him. He would want everyone to know he is in doggy heaven with all his old friends, having the time of his life.

So as Max would want done to him, tonight, give your favorite furry friend a big hug, extra treats, and a belly rub...


The Bank Family




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