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Community Church of the Pelham  Plays Santa Claus

The Community Church of the Pelhams, 448 Washington Avenue,  donned its Santa Claus outfit and played Santa Claus for dozens of children who needed a little help getting their gifts delivered from the North Pole.


As it does every year, the Church once again participated in the New Rochelle Community Action Program's Christmas Party. The Congregation was asked to purchase and wrap a gift for a child, designating age and gender. The response was overwhelming, with over 50 gifts being brought to the Church over the last few weeks. Arrangements were then made for volunteers to wrap the gifts, in time to be delivered and put under the Christmas Tree at the annual Christmas party on December 20.


The Church then received a call for help from the Mount Vernon Heights Congregational Church, to supplement their gift program for a dozen more children, who had sent their wish list to Santa. The Congregation stepped up and filled all requests, adding a few suggestions of their own.


Minister Tiffany Brown of Mount Vernon Heights, thanked the Community Church for once again making it a Merry Christmas and keeping the spirit alive for these deserving kids.


Pastor Noel Vanek, when delivering the gifts in the sleigh he borrowed from Santa, said that everyone should realize that this is what Christmas is about.


Visit communitychurchofpelham.org or call 738-1513 for information.


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