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Left to right: Debbie Feldman, Esq, Administrator of Family Care Services; Eddie Gorman, Coordinator of Therapeutic Recreation; Joe Nunziata, Dad; Fran Nunziata, Mom, and Assistant Director of Human Resources; Anthony Nunziata; Dr. Michael J Brescia, MD, Executive Medical Director; Will Nunziata and Eugene Gwozdz, Piano Accompanist

Will & Anthony Nunziata Bring the “Spirit of Living” to Calvary Hospital

They had heard it many times from the folks who work at Calvary Hospital -- described in different ways. But until a recent December afternoon, Broadway stars Will & Anthony Nunziata never quite understood what they really meant when they said, “What an incredible feeling to provide the spirit of living to those who are dying.”


"We feel so very blessed that for one brief moment in the lives of the patients and the staff, we were able to make them smile. And laugh. And sing.


We can travel the globe and bring our entertainment to countless audiences, and never experience the kind “group hug” that we were gifted with at Calvary.


Our thanks goes out to Calvary Hospital’s Debbie Feldman (Administrator of Family Care Services) and to Eddie Gorman (Coordinator of Therapeutic Recreation) for this opportunity.


We extend our wishes for God’s blessings of health and happiness…of love and peace… of comfort and joy," the brothers shared.


And a heads up!!! The dynamic duo will be performing at 54 Below Nightclub in NYC on the evening of Saturday, January 13th!


Visit willandanthony.com for more information and follow them on Facebook.



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