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Time Capsule Set for Huguenot Memorial Church

Using the same silver trowel that set the cornerstone one hundred years ago, Huguenot Memorial Church members gathered at the cornerstone with its youngest and oldest members to set the vault of the time capsule.  The full itinerary included the ‘candidating’ (congregational vote) of its new pastor, Rev. Dr. Paul Seelman; the induction of new members and the dedication of the vault for the Huguenot Memorial Church Time Capsule. Long standing members for more than 40 years include Mary Timberlake, Marion Lewis, Jean Hardy, Robert “Bob” Tritsch, Betty Bucher, Carolyn Cram, Nancy Bohn, Dorothy “Doffy” Voorhis, Barbara Lawlor, Robert Davis, Elliot Strong, Louise “Twig” Hayes, Henry Hayes, Mindy Nyborg, Susan Reddy, Richard “Dick” Eaton, Margaret “Peggy” Bam, Carleen Murdock, Daniel “Scotty” Murdock, Joel Cameron, Annette Monachino, Jeffrey Monachino, Linda Scopaz, Belinda Eddy, Jean Hardy, Mary Amman and Barbara Selleck.  The Sanctuary Centennial celebration continued with remarks from Associate Pastor, Jacob Bolton, a picnic lunch and Andrew Jone’s jazz trio.  This kickoff event marks the beginning of Huguenot’s year and half long Sanctuary Centennial celebration.


From now through December 2018, the same length of time it took to build the sanctuary, Huguenot Memorial Church will celebrate with activities and gatherings for church and community members of all ages. Articles, photographs, drawings and periodicals will be collected to be placed in the time capsule.


The Time Capsule will be set in the vault in September 2018 and sealed for the next 100 years, to be opened by youngest and oldest members in 2117.


For further information, call 914-738-3488 or email info@huguenotchurch.org. Photo supplied by Huguenot Memorial Church, taken by Deborah Karson.



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