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Chanukah on Fifth Holiday Party Draws Record Crowd

By Justin Grant


Not only was the true spirit of Chanukah alive at the Chabad of Pelham’s Annual Chanukah on Fifth celebration – but the scene at the Daronco Town House, 20 Fifth Avenue on Wednesday, December 5 was full of energy and excitement.


Chabad of Pelham Rabbi Levi Groner and his wife, Chaya, presented the Chanukah on Fifth holiday party on the fourth night of Chanukah. Maurice Owen-Michaane, Managing Broker and Owner of Capital Realty NY generously sponsored the event this year. Also celebrating the fourth night of Chanukah was Town of Pelham Supervisor Peter DiPaola and Village of Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey.


As compared to previous years, a record number of over 200 individuals and families came out to celebrate Chanukah. They were thrilled to see the American Hasidic folk-rock singer Yosef Peysin from the Rogers Park Band perform songs such as, “Chanukah, Oh Chanukah,” and “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel.” Everyone participated in a wonderful sing-a-long as well.


When asked about his thoughts for the evening, Peysin stated, “I felt very joyous. There is a large Jewish community in Westchester and the Chabad of Pelham is very new – so to see everyone come together to celebrate Chanukah shows us that a wonderful community is growing.”


In addition, there was a giant Lego Menorah building; some exciting booths and crafts, Lego Dreidels and the Grand Firetruck Gelt Drop. There were abundant refreshments, including jelly donuts, Latkes and hot drinks.


Towards the end of the evening’s celebration, Rabbi Groner lit the oil lamps of the large Menorah on the steps of the Daronco House he delivered Chanukah blessings and songs.


When asked what this event meant to him, he replied, “I think this was a wonderful opportunity for us to get together to celebrate Chanukah and it is a celebration of life and celebrating our Jewish identity.” Rabbi Groner added, “We have to thank the town of Pelham for being so supportive by coming out and celebrating Chanukah.”


As the holiday party was wrapping up, Rabbi Groner left everyone with a stern message: “Just as we needed every piece of Lego to create our beautiful Lego Menorah, we need everyone’s unique contribution to make this world shine bright. Through our joint efforts and many Mitzvot, we will make this world a better and brighter place.”


For more information about the Chabad of Pelham, visit chabadpelham.com



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