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Board of Education Preliminary Budget Meetings

The Pelham Board of Education will consider Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo’s 2017-18 preliminary budget over the course of several upcoming meetings.


The preliminary budget, presented to the Board on Feb. 7 and discussed again on Feb. 28, totals $72,794,000 and would raise the tax levy by 1.98 percent, which complies with the mandated New York State tax cap set at 2.14 percent.


The budget maintains favorable class size, including funding for additional teachers at the high school where enrollment is expected to expand. It also calls for the addition of Spanish at the elementary schools beginning in grade 2, which would require the District to hire one teacher. Other notable program enhancements include the continuation and expansion of our work in mindfulness, including the School Yoga Project, piloting a responsive classroom at Hutchinson School and new course offerings at PMHS such as applied statistics, Calculus, Transitional Algebra, Mandarin, AP Computer Science language, instruction and coding.


At each of its next three meetings, the Board will consider different pieces of the budget.


Below is the Budget schedule:


• March 14 – Budget Review: General Support, Transportation, Facilities/ Community Services, and Transfer to Capital


• March 28 – Budget Review: Instruction, Athletics, Special Education, and Guidance


• April 4 – Budget Review: Employee Benefits, Debt Service, and Fund Balance


• April 18 – Board of Education Budget Adoption


• May 2 – Public Hearing on Adopted Budget


• May 16 – Annual Budget Referendum and Board of Education election


The full preliminary budget and a schedule that includes page references is available at www.pelhamschools.org: Under the “District” tab, click “Budgets & Finance” and “Budgets & Documents.”


All meetings are open to the public and begin at 8:15 pm in the Pelham Middle School Library, located on the second floor of Pelham Middle School, 28 Franklin Place, Pelham, NY 10803.


To view live or archived meetings, please visit www.pelhamschools.org and click the ‘Viewing School Board Meetings’ link under ‘Board of Education’ and ‘Meetings.’



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