9.18.20 - 10.6.20   vol. 16

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Saints John and Paul’s French Language Students Top in the Nation at Le Grand Concours

Saints John and Paul School’s (sjpschool.org) places a strong emphasis on languages with rewards to the community. The school offers French and  Spanish classes for English speakers starting in Kindergarten, as well as a Fluent French track starting in PreK 3, for fluent French speakers. At the end of 8th grade, students in this track consistently score a 5 on the AP French Language and Culture College Board exam.

This year, two French teachers, Mrs. Douineau and Mrs. Shinkar, gave their students the opportunity to participate in a French language competition: Le Grand Concours (a.k.a. The National French Contest). In this competition, students in grades 1-12 take a written test and compete against others from all 50 states with a similar French educational background.


This year, 24 Saints John and Paul students from grades 2 to 5, competed against 68,790 participants from all grades and levels.


Saints John and Paul School had fabulous results from students in both French for English speakers, and Fluent French tracks!


There were 4 Platinum winners, the highest award in Le Grand Concours. These students earned the top score in the nation for their level/division: Rafael Fiastre, Hermione Roussillon, Alex Berger, Tancrède Weinstein.


A Gold medal went to  Anabel Zihenni ; a Silver medal was awarded to  Alicia Zihenni ; Bronze medals went to Louis Dirdarian, Louis Ducrot, Sophie Lassander.

Honorable Mentions were given to Camille Clément, Alban Kaeppelin, Alicia Navarre, Stephan Alvarez, Félicie Chevalier, Ann Dykstra, Achille Le Roch.


For more information about the school,  visit the website (sjpschool.org) or contact Mrs. Patricia Howard, Director of admissions (phoward@sjpschool.org).


For information about the language program, contact Mrs. Elsa Douineau, Director of language program (edouineau@sjpschool.org).