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Tszki (Peter) Wei Receives

Acorda Scientific Excellence Award

Junior Tszki (Peter) Wei was recently announced as the winner of the Acorda Scientific Excellence Award for his scientific research and was recently interviewed on The Lisa Wexler Radio Show broadcast on WGCH (AM 1490).


Peter’s work, “Conformational Plasticity of Mitofusins Govern Mitochondrial Fusion” involves investigating a regulatory problem in a cell’s mitochondria, which are known to generate power for a cell. The mitochondria frequently fuse and divide, and in some instances, this process of dividing and fusing is dysfunctional. Peter’s research looks to validate proposed models on how this malfunction occurs and ways to possible treat the condition.


Congratulations to Peter, his science research teachers Steve Beltecas and Joe DiBello, and the entire science research program on this outstanding achievement.

Read more about the Accorda award at acorda.com/about/scientific-award



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