4.3.19 ‒4.16.19 ‒ vol. 15

“Saved by the Seniors” Capture

PMHS Olympics Championship

The “Saved by the Seniors” captured their first PMHS Olympics championship following an exciting day of competition, teamwork and incredible school spirit. The annual school Olympics, held March 1, involved each class competing against one another for the right to call themselves Olympic Champions. The seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshman classes each picked a theme for the week and engaged in preliminary competitions before squaring off on the last day. In addition to the “Saved by the Seniors,” the other themes this year were the “Futuristic Freshmen,” the “Story Book Sophomores,” and the “Jet Set Juniors.” Activities included dodgeball, Kan Jam, Jenga, Pictionary, lip sync, paper airplanes, limbo and more. Classes were awarded points not just for winning competitions, but for exhibiting school spirit and sportsmanship as well. The event culminated in the annual silly walk, in which each class performed in front of the rest of the school.

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