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Dinosaurs Come to Life!

Dinosaurs, ocean life, the cardiovascular system and more came to life for Hutchinson School students on Oct. 26, when they got the chance to pilot Google’s new Augmented Reality Expeditions app.


The experience, which was arranged by Director of Technology Joe Catania, involved students using Android smart phones to search the school’s MakerSpace and Library for virtual objects based on a common theme that “were” placed throughout the room by teachers. When the students located what they were searching for, they could use the device to zoom in and study different characteristics that are incorporated into the students unit of study.


As an example, students in Gail Sider’s 4th grade class searched for dinosaur’s, pausing to review which period a specific dinosaur lived in, how teeth indicate whether the dinosaur was a carnivore or herbivore and other characteristics such as size, or the ability to fly. Other examples included seeing into the eye of a Hurricane or examining how the human heart beats.


“From the beginning of the day until the end, students were thrilled to experiment with this technology,” said Hutchinson School Principal Trisha Nugent Fitzgerald. “This app helped engage our students in a way that had them excited to learn. Technology like this has the potential to supplement our curriculum in a meaningful way.”


“We are thankful to Google for allowing us to pilot this program at Hutchinson School,” added Mr. Catania. “The AR technology is a perfect example how we can use 21st century learning tools to make real-life connections for our students.


The District is working to plan similar experience at Siwanoy, Prospect Hill and Colonial in the near future.



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