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Groundbreaking Ceremony for Replacement Hutchinson School Signifies Shining Future

By Stephen E. Lipken


On Friday, June 21, Pelham Public Schools held a Groundbreaking Ceremony to replace Hutchinson Elementary School. There was a brief turning of earth by Superintendent, Dr. Cheryl Champ and other officials, fronting the school.  Approximately 340 students attended.


The new 68,000 square-foot structure, designed by KG&D Architects will have dedicated special education classrooms, spacious learning commons, MakerSpace, art and music rooms as well as a dedicated cafeteria/multipurpose room and small-group instruction spaces.


There will be a number of environmental features such as LED lighting, efficient water and heating systems, designed to make the building equivalent to a LEED Silver Standard.  Completion is targeted for Fall 2022.


“After today, Hutchinson school property will never be the same but we know the school’s history, memories and legacy of a learning environment will live on forever,” Champ stated.


“Have you ever stopped to think what the word ‘school’ actually means,” Principal Trisha Nugent Fitzgerald asked. “The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ‘school’ as abuilding, an institution for teaching children and source of knowledge…It is much more than that.  It is the students and their curiosity about the world.   It’s the teachers and families who nurture the learning of their children.   In construction terms, groundbreaking simply means digging into the dirt.  But groundbreaking can mean introducing new ideas and being innovative.”


After remarks from Jessica DeDomenico, Vice President, Board of Education and Class of ’72 alumnus Kim Scalisi, the Program ended with the 5th Grade Chorus rendering their Alma Mater.


Referring to Street Art for Mankind artist BK Foxx’s murals behind the School of a boy and girl rendering chalk art “Rivers of Words,” SAM President/Co-Founder Thibault Decker stated,

 “Hutchinson students were actually involved in the creation of the mural.  We had them think about three themes: being responsible to each other; responsible to their community and responsible to their planet.”


The murals will be on display until the new building is completed.



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