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Iona Prep Students Build Houses,

Serve the Less Fortunate During

“Mission Peru” Service Trip

Forget the videogames, cell phones and social media. A team of 16 from Iona Preparatory School, including seven young men and their fathers, spent two weeks of their summer building houses into steep mountaintops, serving the less fortunate and reflecting on their blessings during a Christian service mission to Peru.


After living without conveniences that most Americans take for granted – drinking water, abundant food, indoor plumbing, paved roads and electronic devices, for instance – the “Mission Peru” team gained a very personal perspective into the lessons of service, faith and gratitude that are taught every day at Iona Prep.


“It’s one thing to learn these lessons; it’s another to live them,” said Brother Thomas R. Leto, Ed.D., President of Iona Preparatory School, who accompanied the young men on the trip. “At Iona Prep, our commitment to service extends far beyond our classrooms, into our communities and across the globe. I am so proud of our young men and the positive impact they are making in the world.”


The trip included some historic sightseeing in Lima and climbing at Machu Picchu, but the bulk of the time was spent working hard on behalf of families and the less fortunate, bringing a bus full of donations from the Iona Prep community.


The Gaels walked through the bustling urban streets, experiencing the noise, the crowds, the scurrying off to work or on errands, the market, the dogs, the moto taxis – in short, the daily struggle to survive. They worked to get a Christian pre-school ready for opening day. They spent hours digging into a mountain to level out a space for a family to build a home. They carried walls, windows, supports and roofing up a steep hill, where they erected a home and painted it a popular Peruvian color – turquoise. Exhausting work, but filled with God’s presence, which the team reflected upon each night.


“It was moving to be a part of making such a difference in the life of Senora Edovina and her four children,” Director of Mission Integration Dr. Kevin Kelton wrote in a blog chronicling the trip. “Two days ago, she had a ramshackle structure and today, she can enjoy a brand-new house gleaming with its new paint job.”


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