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2018 Senior Speech -- Eva Perez

Recipe for Success



Good morning, parents, family members, esteemed faculty and administration, and the graduating class of 2018.  We made it. The day that seemed like something we have always dreamed of, yet never believed would come true. Well, here we are, sitting here reminiscing on our “bittersweet” past we have had here at PMHS and wondering how we actually made it.


As some of you may know, I am avid baker. Since age 7, when I began baking, I have been reading, attempting, failing and succeeding to accomplish many different recipes. But when you think of it, a recipe is such an amazing tool. A concoction of ingredients, some of which you are unfamiliar with, mixed together to produce a tasty treat. Following a recipe word for word produces exactly what the recipe is for. But if you use the recipe as a guide, it allows more freedom with your end product. Straying away from a recipe in baking can lead to something terrible and inedible, but you could always learn from your mistakes. Or say you end up loving your end product, now you have something individual and exciting, something nobody else has. Soon you will realize it can be more intriguing to blaze your own trail, draw outside the lines, think outside the box, go with your gut instinct, even if you don’t know what will happen in the end. More often than not- taking risks have resulted in amazing outcomes, and if not, there is always a lesson to be learned.


Say you were to compare the Class of 2018 to a recipe. I guarantee that recipe card would not list what you see in front of you today. Maybe it says take 214 individual, give them basic school supplies. Throw in 5 core subjects and couple of electives for 4 years then you will have a perfectly educated graduating class. Well yes, you do have the perfect graduating class right here, but our recipe is far more complicated than what is written on your card. Our recipe is something that we can all be proud of, something we share. If you read that recipe, I bet you wouldn’t see that our grade has the largest graduating national honors society members PMHS has seen, or you wouldn’t see 20 dedicated student athletes committed to amazing schools or that collectively we have done more than 8,560 community service hours. But that is the reality of what our class has accomplished. There are many added things, that were very unexpected and unintentional. Like our 2 olympic wins. Most recipes for senior grades that walk the halls of PMHS are given one olympic win. But we have an extra one, which is the icing on the cake. And I would be lying if I told you the memories we created were all positive. Yes, maybe there were tears, burns, 23,754 collective unexcused missed periods, late night cramming sessions, and even failures. But the process of getting to where we are today outweighs our subtle setbacks, and that is lesson in itself.


In life we do things. Some of which we regret, and some of which we would like to replay 2,018 times over again. But they all make us who we are today. And in the end they shape every characteristic about us. If we were to go back and do anything differently we wouldn’t be the same people we are today. So just live, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, make wonderful memories, take risks, add that extra pinch of sugar. Never second guess what made you who you are, what you have done or where you are going, because your recipe will work out in the end.


So class of 2018, here we are. Our class recipe is ready to be served to the rest of the world. And with that I would like to extend a warm congratulations and thank you to all of the amazing students and memories who have helped make this recipe so sweet.





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